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Internet Solutions bring broadband to gated villages

Partnership with InCite Smart Services creates new opportunities for Internet Solutions (IS).

Vodacom’s ‘pre-emptive strike’ on pay TV

Vodacom has chosen the perfect time to announce its joint venture with Multichoice for a low-cost pay television service.

Microsoft urges joint action on cybercrime

A senior official from US software giant Microsoft has appealed for the private-public partnership in the fight against cybercrime

Snot en trane at Pay-TV hearings

Tears flow as applicants are grilled.

Mystery of vanishing executives will loom over Telkom results

All eyes will be on Telkom and its subsidiary Vodacom tomorrow as they release their annual financial results.

Apple joins browser wars

Apple announced that they will be launching their Safari 3 Web Browser for both Windows PCs and Macs.

Telkom is expected to post flat revenue and focus on new chief, Vodacom stake

Telkom is expected to report flat fixed-line revenue growth later this week and investors will focus on who will head the company and whether it plans to sell its 50 percent stake in Vodacom.

Gearing up with Google

GOOGLE IS SEEN as about the only company that can make Microsoft shake in its shoes. So the latest announcement from Google sets the cat among the pigeons yet again.

User interface

EVERY COMPUTER user has a different relationship with his PC: for some it’s simply a tool that must be tolerated, while others develop a genuine fondness for one system over another.

New MyBroadband News Site

The MyBroadband News Website Has moved. You will find the new site at

Apple joins browser wars

Apple announced today that they will be launching the Safari 3 Web Browser for both Windows PCs and Macs.

Kenya pioneers ‘mobile money’ in African first

Eyeing his cell phone with a mixture of suspicion and amazement, Paul Kangethe reads and rereads the text message he has just received.

Journalist’s mother says Yahoo should be punished

The mother of a Chinese journalist serving a 10-year jail sentence on Sunday called for US Internet giant Yahoo to be penalised for handing authorities the information that led to his conviction.

Google ‘hostile to privacy': Privacy International

Google has the most abysmal privacy policies and is leading a “race to the bottom” by the world’s most renowned Internet firms, according to a British human rights advocacy group.

Online tweets tell you what everyone is up to

Internet and mobile phone message boards are at witter with Twitter, the raging online trend to share one’s every move with friends Haiku-style every moment of the day.