How to build a 1,600km/h car

On October 15 1997, Andy Green travelled across the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, in the Thrust SSC at 763.035 mph, or Mach 1.02. Two decades on, that record remains unchallenged – until now.

Ugly websites

South Africa’s biggest municipalities – websites ranked

We asked a local web developer to take a look at the websites of South Africa’s biggest municipalities.

Apple iPad user

Apple is moving towards a world with no PCs

Hands up if you’ve heard of Swift Playgrounds? No, it’s not some new start-up providing quick playdates for bedraggled parents.

Oculus Rift on head

The price of importing an Oculus Rift into South Africa

The Oculus Rift does not ship directly to South Africa, but that doesn’t have to stop you from getting one.

Tech Sale

Amazing tech deals and gadget price cuts

This week you can save money by taking advantage of specials at Makro, Dion Wired, Game, and Incredible Connection.

Telkom logo on phone

Telkom will let you switch to its insane new packages mid-contract

If you’re already a Telkom contract subscriber, you will be able to switch to one of the new FreeMe contracts.


Lack of .ZA vanity domains up for discussion

We might be able to order a slice of Four Seasons from someday after all.

Bandwidth hog

Biggest uncapped ADSL bandwidth users in South Africa

With the growth of online streaming and downloads in South Africa, many ADSL and VDSL users are consuming much more than 1TB of data per month.

Telkom shadow logo

Telkom’s new contracts kill Vodacom and MTN’s

Each contract offers free WhatsApp calling and messaging, free on-network calls, and 50 free SMS messages per day.

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New process makes milk last for six weeks

A rapid heating and cooling of milk significantly reduces the amount of harmful bacteria present, extending its shelf life by several weeks.


New personalized image search engine

A new personalized image search engine shows how you will look with different hair styles and appearances.

Partner content

PaySpace announces integration with Xero

PaySpace is integrating their general ledger with Xero’s accounting products which will benefit both PaySpace and Xero users worldwide.

Less haste is more speed in software development

A look at how redPanda delivers quickly on client expectations while still developing internal team members.


Data is important for Telkom

Gigabytes are becoming more important than voice minutes when it comes to mobile networks structuring their phone contracts, says an expert.


Why Vodacom and MTN can ignore Telkom’s price cuts

Drastic mobile tariff price cuts by telecoms company Telkom could be ignored by the country’s biggest networks MTN and Vodacom, says an expert.


Say goodbye to the VHS

The last company which was manufacturing VHS players is shutting down the production line.


Journalist demands SABC put him back on air

One of the SABC 8, Vuyo Mvoko, will be approaching the High Court to put him back on the air after the broadcaster terminated its contract with him.


Facebook’s Internet drone makes first test flight

Facebook’s Connectivity Lab has conducted the first full-scale test flight of Aquila, its high-altitude unmanned aircraft.


Nvidia Titan X – the world’s ultimate graphics card

Nvidia has unveiled its Titan X graphics card, which it says is groundbreaking in terms of its power.


Spotify using your data to sell advertising

Spotify’s Private Marketplaces offers advertisers access to its first-party demographic and unique playlist data.


Intel ships 7th generation Kaby Lake processors

Intel has started shipping its next generation of chips to PC manufacturers.


Tinder gets group dates

Tinder Social will let users set up group dates.


KickassTorrents mirror launched

isoHunt is reported to have resurrected KickassTorrents in the form of a mirror, with files from the last 18 months.


Whirlpool’s smart top load washer and dryer orders its own laundry supplies

Whirlpool’s smart top load washer and dryer automatically orders laundry supplies by syncing your Whirlpool mobile app with your Amazon account.

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The culture of mentorship at redPanda Software

redPanda meeting

Knowledge sharing and mentorship are key components of redPanda Software’s success and the growth of their developers.

Less haste is more speed in software development

redPanda Software developers at work

A look at how redPanda delivers quickly on client expectations while still developing internal team members.


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Three ways to protect yourself against shaky markets

Sygnia helmet

Andrew Steyn, Head of Consulting Relations at Sygnia Asset Management, says that investors need to get used to the idea that over the next few years returns will be hard to come by.

Phantom Fees – are you paying to save?

Phantom Fees

You may be paying hidden fees that are affecting the true cost of your investment, says Niki Giles, Sygnia Financial Director.

Easily set up a private cloud for your business in 3 steps

Private Cloud

Setting up a safe and secure private cloud for your business is easier than you might think.

Internet on the go – Which solution is ideal for you?

Broadband vs data - internet on the go

Whether you’re a business owner requiring mobile data for your staff or a home user who enjoys always-on connectivity, RSAWEB has two innovative solutions to suit your needs.

Meet Accelerit Technologies – your one stop shop for connectivity

Accelerit Technologies

Accelerit Technologies prides itself in its ability to be the one stop shop for business and home networking needs.

Get into SA’s Shark Tank to get the investment you need to boost your business

Shark Tank South Africa

M-Net and Telkom SA are bringing Shark Tank to South Africa, set to broadcast on Sunday nights from October 2016.

SEACOM becomes first African carrier to peer at Sweden’s Netnod

Seacom fibre logo

Pan-African telecom enabler and network provider SEACOM is the first African carrier to peer at the Netnod Internet exchange point in Stockholm, Sweden.

On fire with Fibre!

Rocket laptop

RSAWEB’s latest offering, Fibre to the home (FTTH), is set to change the way you browse, download and stream content… in short it is something of a revolution.

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