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Don't worry, be happy

What’s keeping SA’s ISP CEOs awake at night?

South African ISP CEOs reveal what their biggest challenges and worries are

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Mweb Business

Internet Solutions and MWEB transaction approved

Conditional approval has been received for Dimension Data’s acquisition of MWEB Business, Optinet Service Division and the Optinet Network Division from MWEB

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Uber Kalahari

Kalahari UberSleigh brings Christmas shopping to you

Kalahari and Uber have teamed up to offer Capetonians a service that brings Christmas shopping to them

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Zandile Ellen Tshabalala

SABC chair kicked off Transnet board

Embattled SABC chairwoman Ellen Tshabalala has been excluded from the new Transnet board, it emerged on Thursday

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Eskom candle

Businesses closing thanks to load shedding

As power utility Eskom continues its countrywide rolling blackouts as it tries to build up power reserves, Johannesburg businesses are feeling the effects

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Is Uber really worth over R440 billion?

Can a company that didn’t exist five years ago, an upstart with a knack for angering regulators who could close it down, really be worth $40 billion?

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Online tax

Britain launches “Google tax”

The British government on Wednesday slapped a new tax rate on multinational companies that seek to avoid paying their fair share to Treasury coffers

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E-commerce SA

More South African e-commerce shops will join forces

South Africa’s e-commerce market is bracing itself for increased consolidation, with more mergers and acquisitions expected, writes Ray Mahlaka

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Google Music logo

Online streaming may suffocate, or save, the music industry

Taylor Swift’s announcement that she was removing her music from the Spotify music service started a debate about the future of music

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Alon Rom

HelloPeter’s new head announced

Alon Rom will be appointed as the new HelloPeter CEO from 1 December 2014, replacing Peter Cheales

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