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Uncapped data prices: Fibre vs ADSL

Uncapped fibre-to-the-home products are growing in popularity – here is how their prices compare to uncapped ADSL products.

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Vox Fat Pipe ADSL users score big

ADSL subscribers who bought Vox’s 100GB or 300GB promotional accounts got a pleasant surprise this morning.

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Crystal Web slashes ADSL prices

Crystal Web has cut its ADSL pricing by up to 50%, while increasing the data caps on selected products.

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Vox Fat Pipe ADSL – price cuts and unlimited data

Vox Telecom has announced free upgrades and unlimited data benefits for Fat Pipe customers.

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Biggest ADSL bandwidth hogs in South Africa

If you think 500GB or 1TB of data use per month is a lot, think again. South Africa’s top broadband users are consuming far more data than ever before.

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How to pick the best ADSL package – a beginner’s guide

This guide provides a breakdown as to what novice Internet users need to look out for when purchasing an ADSL package.

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Massive Vox Fatpipe ADSL price cuts

Vox Telecom has slashed the prices of its Fatpipe ADSL capped data packages.

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Cheapest ever uncapped ADSL deals in South Africa

Following Vox Telecom’s uncapped ADSL price cuts, the ISP now offers the cheapest bundle price ever seen in SA.

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Telkom cuts business ADSL prices

Telkom has reduced the price of high-end data packages and DSL and fibre-to-the-business bundles.

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Vox Telecom cuts uncapped ADSL prices

Vox Telecom has launched new uncapped ADSL deals, which are aimed at “keeping customers connected for less”.

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