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South Africa ISPs alternative

Favourite ISP and mobile network of South African techies

MyBroadband’s 2016 Technology Survey has revealed the mobile network of choice of South African techies.


Orange kills ADSL and mobile operator hopes for South Africa

The shutdown of Orange’s online store in South Africa has coincided with potential mobile and DSL ventures from the company getting canned.

MWEB logo on router

Don’t tell me my ADSL upgrade is free and then charge me

MWEB may not tell customers they will receive a “free” uncapped ADSL speed upgrade, when they will be charged more on their monthly bill to take full advantage of it, according to the ASA.

South Africa ISPs alternative

ADSL under R1 per GB – cheapest capped bundles in South Africa

We take a look at how Vox’s new ADSL Fat Pipe pricing compares to competing products.

Afrihost logo on background

Afrihost extends free ADSL data deal

Afrihost has extended its “18 hours of free Internet” promotion, which was due to end on 30 November.

Afrihost logo

How to save money on Afrihost capped ADSL accounts

Afrihost’s high-end capped users can save money by using the company’s Afrihost Plus service.

Vox telecom logo

Vox cuts ADSL prices to less than R1 per GB

Vox is dropping the retail prices of its Fat Pipe Home DSL products to below R1 per gigabyte.

Telkom fibre

Telkom is losing ADSL subscribers – this is why

Telkom’s latest financial results show that the company is bleeding ADSL subscribers faster than it can replace them with fibre customers.

Afrihost logo on background

3.3TB of ADSL data for R29

Afrihost’s capped ADSL and VDSL users are getting excellent value for money, with the top users consuming over 8TB of data per month.

ADSL tech text

Fastest ADSL and VDSL ISPs in South Africa

The latest MyBroadband speed test results show which ISP had the fastest average ADSL download speed over the past month.

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