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Bandwidth Hog

When 1TB is not enough – biggest bandwidth hogs in SA

One South African DSL user has consumed more than 3TB over a 30 day period using an uncapped account

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Uncapped ADSL – where to get the best deal

Openweb recently re-launched its Titan Uncapped ADSL product range – here is how the prices compare with competing products

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Afrihost ADSL

Afrihost ADSL capacity increase delay

Telkom has delayed Afrihost’s IPC upgrade again, leaving the ISP with limited capacity on its network

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Your guide to ADSL, from Telkom

Telkom provides information to new ADSL users about the benefits of broadband, capped versus uncapped accounts and the different uncapped ADSL options

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Incredible Connection 20GB capped

New Incredible Connection capped ADSL special

Incredible Connection launched a new capped ADSL special, complementing its existing 2Mbps uncapped promotion for R99

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Telkom generic

Good news about Telkom ADSL promotion

Telkom Internet has extended its double data and night surfer free data promotion for 3 months

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Web Africa

ADSL promotion: 80GB for R1

Web Africa has launched an ADSL promotion, offering 80GB of ADSL data per month at R1 per month

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Vox Telecom logo

Great ADSL bandwidth – your first hit free

Vox Telecom promises ADSL users that its Fat Pipe bandwidth will allow them to experience the Internet as it should be

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Afrihost ADSL

Afrihost ADSL performance problems addressed

Afrihost clients have been complaining about ADSL performance problems, and the company is actively addressing the issue

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Axxess logo

Axxess pre-paid ADSL prices slashed

Axxess reduced its pre-paid ADSL prices with its new 4-for-1 promotion, offering significant savings to consumers

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