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Uncapped Prices: FTTH versus ADSL

Fibre-to-the-home services are growing rapidly in South Africa, with small providers taking on Telkom in the fixed-broadband market.

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Top 10 Afrihost ADSL bandwidth users

The latest statistics from Afrihost reveals who its biggest bandwidth users are, and which accounts they use.

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Poor MWEB ADSL gaming performance complaints

MWEB has responded to complaints that online multiplayer games are running poorly on its network.

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Most popular Internet connection speed among MyBroadband readers

MyBroadband’s recent poll reveals the speed at which our readers connect to the Internet at home.

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All-in-one 10Mbps ADSL price shootout

Telkom’s Do Broadband packages offer ADSL access, data, and landline rental in one monthly bill.

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The one thing which keeps capped ADSL prices low

Many Internet service providers sell their capped ADSL products at cost, and trust on breakage to make a profit.

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Cheapest uncapped ADSL accounts in South Africa

Telkom’s recently-launched 1Mbps ADSL service paved the way for the most affordable uncapped broadband services ever in South Africa.

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How to grow ADSL in South Africa

Internet service providers believe there is still life left in DSL, but that action is needed from Telkom to grow its ADSL and VDSL subscriber numbers.

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Former Telkom manager reveals Naked ADSL challenges

A former Telkom executive has shed light on why launching a Naked ADSL service is not an easy task.

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Telkom pilot project to shut down several ADSL exchanges

Telkom has begun a pilot project to switch its subscribers in Randfontein from a fixed-line network to wireless services.

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