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Telkom fixed line

No Telkom, my ADSL problem is not fixed

Many Telkom customers are complaining that their support tickets are closed despite the fact that the faults were not resolved

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Bandwidth Hog

When 1TB is not enough – biggest bandwidth hogs in SA

One South African DSL user has consumed more than 3TB over a 30 day period using an uncapped account

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Uncapped ADSL – where to get the best deal

Openweb recently re-launched its Titan Uncapped ADSL product range – here is how the prices compare with competing products

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Afrihost ADSL

Afrihost ADSL capacity increase delay

Telkom has delayed Afrihost’s IPC upgrade again, leaving the ISP with limited capacity on its network

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Your guide to ADSL, from Telkom

Telkom provides information to new ADSL users about the benefits of broadband, capped versus uncapped accounts and the different uncapped ADSL options

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Incredible Connection 20GB capped

New Incredible Connection capped ADSL special

Incredible Connection launched a new capped ADSL special, complementing its existing 2Mbps uncapped promotion for R99

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Telkom generic

Good news about Telkom ADSL promotion

Telkom Internet has extended its double data and night surfer free data promotion for 3 months

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Web Africa

ADSL promotion: 80GB for R1

Web Africa has launched an ADSL promotion, offering 80GB of ADSL data per month at R1 per month

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Vox Telecom logo

Great ADSL bandwidth – your first hit free

Vox Telecom promises ADSL users that its Fat Pipe bandwidth will allow them to experience the Internet as it should be

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Afrihost ADSL

Afrihost ADSL performance problems addressed

Afrihost clients have been complaining about ADSL performance problems, and the company is actively addressing the issue

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