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South Africa Internet Broadband ADSL

Cheapest uncapped ADSL prices in SA

Telkom will change its uncapped ADSL prices next month – here is how they stack up against competing products

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New Telkom ADSL prices

Telkom announced price changes to its ADSL products, which include increased value on some products and price increases on others

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Afrihost adsl

Afrihost ADSL bundle price change, bonus data confusion

Afrihost has brought its capped ADSL bundle prices in line with its “Double Data” promotion, causing some confusion among subscribers

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Snail slow network cable

Slow ADSL? Telkom explains

Exchange congestion and delays in receiving ADSL capacity are just convenient excuses for ISPs, Telkom has said

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Telkom ADSL promotion – good news

Telkom has extended its uncapped NightSurfer ADSL data promotion until further notice

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Telkom broadband

Big plans for Telkom ADSL

Telkom executives have hinted at a number of product and customer experience changes to reverse its decline in fixed-line subscribers

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South African ISPs

Top 10 ADSL ISP accounts

The latest MyBroadband speed test results show which ADSL ISP accounts in South Africa provide the highest average speeds

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Axxess Free 1GB

Free 1GB ADSL data from Axxess

Axxess has joined the ranks of ISPs that offer free ADSL accounts

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New Openweb ADSL concerns, comments

Openweb founder Keoma Wright gives feedback on fresh concerns regarding the company and its ADSL products

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New Telkom ADSL numbers impress

Telkom released its latest financial results, which show strong growth in ADSL subscribers

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