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Axxess Free 1GB

Free 1GB ADSL data from Axxess

Axxess has joined the ranks of ISPs that offer free ADSL accounts

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New Openweb ADSL concerns, comments

Openweb founder Keoma Wright gives feedback on fresh concerns regarding the company and its ADSL products

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Telkom generic

New Telkom ADSL numbers impress

Telkom released its latest financial results, which show strong growth in ADSL subscribers

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Openweb ADSL duplicate accounts, shaping, throttling explained

Openweb comments on accusations of ADSL account sharing, shaping, and throttling, and false company information

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New Home Uncapped ADSL products launched

OpenWeb has unveiled a new range of Home Uncapped ADSL products, which include ‘Game Booster’ and ‘Skype Booster’ add-ons

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Biggest ADSL data hogs in South Africa

The biggest bandwidth hogs in South Africa are costing their Internet Service Providers thousands each month. Here are the numbers.

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Web Africa

Free 100GB of ADSL data

Web Africa is giving all its capped ADSL subscribers 50GB of free anytime data in June and July

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Cheapest ADSL deals in South Africa

Axxess recently reduced its capped ADSL prices, offering data at less than R2.00 per GB. Here are some of the other deals in the market

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Vodacom WTF

Get your ADSL at 2008 prices

Vodacom is selling ADSL data products at prices last seen five years ago

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Axxess logo

Double your ADSL data for free

Axxess is doubling their capped ADSL data bundle sizes free of charge, dropping prices to as low as R1.89 per GB

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