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Linux Mint

Linux Mint Cinnamon – A sweet alternative

Mint releases new desktop OS into already murky Linux desktop waters.

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Firefox celestial birth

Firefox 11 readies to fly

Mozilla keeps up relentless development pace.

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Ladies of Linux

Heads-up Ubuntu fans

Shuttleworth continues on his mission to reshape the desktop

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Chrome for Android

Google’s Chrome hits Android

Gestures, synchronisation aimed at making Chrome easier to use on mobile interfaces

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Star Trek Scotty All she's got

Not so smartphone power

I love my smartphone but it has one important and critical flaw

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Ubuntu Pangolin

Ubuntu readies new Unity

Unity 5.0, Ubuntu’s new desktop interface has been released for testing

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Fun with data

Data can be fun, if you have the right tools. We look at some of the best free online tools for data visualisation.

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Tablet PC vs Laptop

Tablet PC or notebook?

Should you spend your year-end bonus on a tablet PC or a notebook. We look at the options.

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FF IE Chrome

The browser platform

The browser is no longer a window to the web – it’s a platform.

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Ubuntu Pangolin

Ubuntu rolling out the new

Ubuntu Precise Pangolin will make its debut in 2012. This is what you can expect.

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Alastair Otter

Alastair Otter is a senior journalist at MyBroadband, and focuses on software and hardware. He has a particular love for Open Source Software (OSS) and in specific Linux and related developments.


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