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Nashua Mobile app

Where does Nashua Mobile’s shutdown leave Autopage?

Squeezed from both sides, the business case simply hasn’t been there for years

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Finally, fibre to the home

Mobile operators look set to deliver on what Telkom should’ve/would’ve/could’ve for years.

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MTN 79c

MTN’s 79c per minute changes the game

It’s notable that MTN’s gone from being attacked to the one doing the attacking

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Blame Icasa for high mobile prices

Why aren’t mobile call costs lower? Blame Icasa for not doing its job properly, writes Hilton Tarrant

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Vodacom and Neotel

Should Vodacom be allowed to buy Neotel?

Is regulation going to stifle whatever chance we have of competition to Telkom?

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Icasa’s competition probe too late?

Why’s Icasa confused about lacking competition in a market it’s been ‘regulating’?

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iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina

Weaker rand means soaring iPad prices

Prices are up anywhere between 15 to 20% from a year ago

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gestures during his keynote address at the Microsoft Build conference in San Francisco, California June 26, 2013.

What if Microsoft was a forced buyer?

The Nokia deal doesn’t solve anything

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Cell C explosive

Cell C taking market share?

Alan Knott-Craig’s added 2.5m subscribers since he took over – that’s no mean feat

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Yunus Carrim

The Ministry of Dysfunction

How repeated bungled appointments to a ‘soft’ portfolio have cost this country hundreds of billions of rands

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Hilton Tarrant

Hilton Tarrant is production editor at Moneyweb. He also project manages new website launches for the company and covers ICT issues, chiefly through his weekly column, Broadband. Hilton was awarded the 2006 Telkom ICT Journalist of the Year award for the on line category.

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