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Neotel Fibre

Why Vodacom and MTN want to buy Neotel

Counter-intuitively, a takeover would make the market more competitive

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Why FNB’s mobile plan makes perfect sense

It can easily make a dent where both Virgin and Red Bull have failed

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Cell C Telkom Mobile Vodacom MTN mobile operators

How to save on international data roaming

You don’t have to arrive back home after an international trip with a R10,000 bill

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BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

BBM coming to iPhone, Android: too late?

The BlackBerry service launches into the (very) crowded messaging space

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Inconvenient Truth roaming mobile rates

Why can’t R128 per MB roaming costs be regulated?

Data roaming part two: Surely this is the answer to sky-high rates?

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Money world global

Why roaming prices are insanely expensive

Moneyweb’s Hilton Tarrant reveals the truth about international mobile data roaming

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MTN curve

MTN’s insanity of charging extra for LTE

The 3G arms race, only worse

| Forum debate

BlackBerry logo on rear of Z10

Does BlackBerry have a future?

Can it buck the trend, or does it go the way of Palm (and so many others)

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Vodacom cellphone

Vodacom slashes data prices, but not really

Despite all the promotional activity, no-one’s blinking first

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Neotel Fibre

Neotel makes the landline mobile

What if you could be mobile, reachable on an ‘011’ number and make calls at landline rates?

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Hilton Tarrant

Hilton Tarrant is production editor at Moneyweb. He also project manages new website launches for the company and covers ICT issues, chiefly through his weekly column, Broadband. Hilton was awarded the 2006 Telkom ICT Journalist of the Year award for the on line category.

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