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SA mobile operators

How mobile number porting works

When your operator has angered you to the point where you want to jump ship, this is the road your number will travel

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Windows 10 Error

Windows 10 launch a mostly-successful mess

The launch of Windows 10 is a mess, but there seem to be relatively few complaints about it.

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Windows Logos

Windows 1.0 to Windows 10: from the first to the last Windows

Take a visual tour through the evolution of the most popular desktop OS in the world.

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DStv logo on remote

DStv Premium: what people are willing to pay

South African IT professionals and tech-savvy consumers give their views on what DStv Premium should cost.

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Money Stack Notes

How much FTTH really costs to roll out

Vumatel, Dark Fibre Africa, and Cybersmart shed light on what it costs to roll out FTTH in South Africa.

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ADSL Modem

Slow ADSL speeds: what you can do about it

If your ADSL link is synchronising at lower speeds than it should or dropping intermittently, this is what you should look at.

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Windows 10 logo

Windows 10 prices in South Africa

Also, the exact time the Windows 10 update becomes available for download.

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Windows 10 default wallpaper

Windows 10: should you upgrade?

The latest version of Microsoft’s operating system launches on 29 July, with some Windows users getting the upgrade for free.

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Fibre optic cable cladding

How to get fibre broadband rolled out to your neighbourhood

If you want fibre in your complex or suburb, you may have to take matters into your own hands.

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Mobile Network Operator Telkom Vodacom MTN Cell C

Cheapest smartphone contracts in South Africa

Telkom’s new SmartPhone plans are the cheapest voice, SMS, and data contracts in South Africa to-date.

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Jan Vermeulen

Jan Vermeulen is a technology journalist and web developer at MyBroadband. After receiving a Computer Engineering degree at the University of Pretoria he worked at SAAB’s Civil Security division as an engineer and developer. He then moved to MyBroadband to pursue a career that combined his interest in technology and his love of writing.


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