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Department of Communications

Will the DoC ever get its act together?

The current team at the DoC shows promise, but the only thing the recent ICT Policy Colloquium seemed to achieve was a name change

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Top 10 Facebook pages and brands in SA

Social analytics site ranks the top companies, brands, and media outlets on Twitter and Facebook in South Africa

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iPad 3 close-up thumbnail

iPad 3 SA pricing compared

How does the pricing of the new iPad in South Africa compare to the rest of the world (and to the previous model)?

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22seven vault

22seven beta ending soon, supports Virgin Money

Free beta will soon give way to subscription model

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ICASA broken clock

LLU, broadband, and pay TV are ICASA’s priorities

Parliament has approved ICASA’s 5-year strategic plan which lays out its key priorities such as local loop unbundling

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Twitter Top 10

Top 10 brands or companies on Twitter in SA

World Wide Worx and Fuseware previously revealed the top Twitter brands in SA; this is how they’re faring now

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DStv BoxOffice - new logo

DStv BoxOffice on-demand movie beta update

The BoxOffice beta is ongoing with no firm launch dates forthcoming as yet

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Department of Communications broadband

Broadband for all: How, and who will pay?

The Minister of Communications answers pressing questions regarding its plans for universal broadband access in SA

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Spectrum, tower, signal

High demand spectrum policy direction set for May 2012 release

The Minister of Communications aims to provide ICASA with a policy directive for the assignment of high demand spectrum in May 2012

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We have failed to provide the best broadband: Knott-Craig

“Prices have to be at least half of what they are today.”

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