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Computer legal

Internet, social media content regulations coming in SA

The Film and Publication Board is planning to establish an efficient and effective online and new media content regulatory strategy for South Africa

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MyBroadband one million

One million South Africans read MyBroadband

MyBroadband attracted over a million South African browsers in July 2014, and you can share in the celebrations with over R10,000 in prizes

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iBurst BusinessLink – how the Internet should be

iBurst’s BusinessLink offers a great service, with a low contention ratio and symmetrical bandwidth

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Telkom broadband

Average ADSL data use in SA revealed

Telkom’s ADSL traffic volume increased by 50% over the past year, and by 400% over the last 3 years

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ICASA Broken Clock

Don’t fall for Icasa’s changing LLU story

The local loop unbundling story in South Africa shows exactly why many people say the regulator is useless and toothless

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Afrihost adsl

Afrihost planning mobile voice services

Afrihost is planning to launch bundled voice, data, and messaging services on a single SIM

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MTN Afrihost

Afrihost’s billion rand selling price: sources

Details about the deal between MTN and Afrihost are starting to emerge via industry sources, pointing to a surprisingly high valuation

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Vox Telecom logo

Vox Telecom for sale

Vox Telecom has sent out information to numerous companies which may be interested in buying the telecoms operator

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Zuma Companies

Is this really the best SA has to offer?

Well known analyst David Shapiro said that he will definitely not invest in a company run by South Africa’s newly appointed ministers

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South Africa Brain

South Africa’s brilliant IT and engineering professionals

South Africa has many IT and engineering companies and professionals who are global leaders. Here are some examples.

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