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The fixed-line future

Local Loop Unbundling is critical to the future of open competition in the telecommunications industry.

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VoIP operators cry foul

WHILE VOICE-OVER Internet Protocol services have been legal in South Africa for the past two years, regulatory bungling may apply the brakes on that market.

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100 Mbps Triple Play Service for R 436-00

Consumers often complain about South Africa’s exorbitant ADSL prices, and it is sometimes good to understand why people in the know slate Telkom’s rates.

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100 EDGE networks launched in past year

A new survey confirms 316 mobile network operators in 149 countries have committed to deploying EDGE.

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Record braking ‘Halo 3’ soars past million mark

Microsoft has announced that Halo 3 – an exclusive Xbox 360 title – has become the fastest selling pre-ordered video game in history, soaring past the 1 million milestone.

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Is government creating another Telkom?

South Africa’s telecommunications sector is only now starting to free itself from its monopolistic shackles, but government – which should be driving liberalisation – is turning out to be one of the greatest hindrances to this process.

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Cellular phone companies morph as the telecoms market changes

While Vodacom has so far invested R2bn into its 3G/HSDPA network, smaller rival, Cell C, looks set to eschew this market, pointing to a trend that will see Vodacom turning into a multi-focused ISP.

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AMD opens its doors in SA

AMD has announced the establishment of its local office, which is located in the JSE building at the Exchange Square in Sandton.

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Telkom launches ‘R 250-00 a year’ service

Telkom has launched their PrepaidFone Waya-Waya service which lowers the barrier of entry for new fixed lines customers.

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MPs hit out at online gambling bill

Some Members of Parliament (MPs) protested on Wednesday at the Bill to regulate internet gambling.

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Rudolph Muller

Rudolph Muller is the editor at MyBroadband and covers telecoms and broadband news. Rudolph comes from an academic background, but left the University of Johannesburg in 2007 to run MyBroadband full time.


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