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Wikipedia blocks U.S. Congress

Wikipedia has blocked editing rights from some computers at the U.S. House of Representatives for “disruptive” revisions on the online encyclopedia

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PlayStation 4

Xbox and PlayStation go head-to-head

Fans dressed as Transformers, Iron Man, and Jedi knights were among thousands at the first day of Hong Kong’s comic and games expo

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Amazon losses widen

Internet retail titan Amazon has reported a money-losing quarter despite impressive growth in sales, sending shares plummeting by more than nine percent

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Chinese nature park sues Transformers

The owners of a Chinese nature park have filed a lawsuit against the makers of the latest Transformers film because it failed to include the park’s logo

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iPad Air

Apple and Samsung tablets losing ground

Apple and Samsung have lost ground in the tablet computer market as growth cools in the once-hot segment

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Vladimir Putin and Jacob Zuma shake handske

Putin wants to control the Internet

President Vladimir Putin has signed a law requiring Internet companies to store all personal data of Russian users at data centres in Russia

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Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple “iTime” smartwatch on the cards

A US patent made public on Tuesday, 22 July 2014, bolstered rumours that Apple has designs on a smartwatch

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Facebook screens

Save your Facebook tidbits for later

Facebook has begun letting people squirrel away online tidbits, such as links, to chew on more thoroughly later

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China’s Internet population soars

China is now home to 632 million Internet users

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Xbox One

Microsoft shuts Xbox studios

Microsoft has confirmed that its studio devoted to original television programmes for Xbox consoles will be shuttered

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