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Middle Eastern video gamer family

Big video games, e-commerce growth in Middle East, North Africa

Video game and e-commerce markets are growing “exponentially” across the Middle East and North Africa, according to a study

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Retro gaming device

Video game price increases hike inflation in UK

Increasing game prices in the United Kingdom led to rising inflation, official data showed

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Hendo Hoverboard

Hendo Hoverboard levitating skateboard Kickstarted

Arx Pax has successfully Kickstarted the Hendo Hoverboard

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Solar bike path

World’s first solar bike path

The Netherlands on Wednesday unveiled the world’s first solar bike path, a project to harvest the sun’s energy that could eventually also be used on roads

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Young women using smartphones at an amusement park

Texting while walking is a health hazard

When the lights change at the Shibuya crossing in Japan’s capital, one of the world’s busiest pedestrian thoroughfares, hundreds of people with their eyes glued to smartphones pick their way over the road

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A team of at least 6 people is required to launch a balloon. This team includes a launch commander to lead the team and coordinate with Mission Control, several people to do ground checks on various electronic components, and someone to set the balloon up for launch and inspect the envelope.

Google gets its own airport

Ever-growing Google now has an airport to its name: the Internet giant has signed a 60-year lease to run a NASA airbase that comes with massive hangars for dirigibles

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hacker cyber crime silhouette

Hackers target hotel Wi-Fi networks

Hackers have developed a scheme to steal sensitive information from top executives by penetrating the Wi-Fi networks of luxury hotels

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A man shows a photograph he took on his iPhone of an Apple store in Beijing June 6, 2012 file photo. REUTERS

iPhones at risk from Apple Mac malware

A newly discovered family of malware has the capacity to infect iPhones via Apple computers, posing a security threat to devices that have been largely resistant to cybercriminals, researchers said

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Office 2013

Free Microsoft Office editing on iOS, Android

Microsoft announced Thursday it was making its Office software suite available for free to users of rival mobile operating systems from Apple and Google

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Facebook restricts content criticizing government and religion

Facebook restricted access to almost 5,000 pieces of content from India during the first six months of 2014 following requests by government agencies, a report by the social networking giant said

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