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Data Security

Huawei: no govt asked us for customer data

Huawei said in a report Friday on cybersecurity that it never has been asked to provide information about a citizen to any government

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Female scientists and Wikipedia under the scope

Many female scientists don’t have detailed pages or any page at all on the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia

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Twitter’s losses are mounting

Twitter’s losses are mounting as the online messaging service prepares to make its stock market debut

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Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8 update

Microsoft is updating its Windows software for cellphones to accommodate larger devices

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Vodafone completes R104-billion German cable takeover

British telecoms firm Vodafone has completed its 7.7 billion-euro ($10 billion) takeover of Germany’s biggest cable operator, Kabel Deutschland.

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HP Chromebook 11

New Google Chromebook 11 from HP

Google has unveiled the new HP Chromebook 11 which has started selling for $279 in the US, and is also available in the UK

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Apple art logo

Apple files appeal in e-book collusion case

Apple is fighting a legal order requiring the company to modify its digital book contracts and submit to oversight by a court-appointed antitrust monitor.

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[B][URL=""]NSA denies exploiting Heartbleed online security flaw[/URL][/B]

The US National Security Agency on Friday denied a report claiming it was aware of and even exploited the “Heartbleed” online security flaw to gather intelligence

Twitter or Tweeter? Investor mix-up

A bankrupt electronics retailer got caught up in the investor fervor for Twitter.

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Mars and its atmosphere

Supervolcanoes discovered on Mars

Scientists have discovered ancient supervolcanoes on Mars similar to the caldera that sits under Yellowstone National Park.

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Journalist charged in computer hacking probe

British police are charging a journalist as part of an investigation into allegations of computer hacking and privacy offenses

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