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SA rand money wallet

What R1,000 buys you in South Africa

If you want to buy a broadband connection in South Africa, R1,000 will get you some great services.

The Big Deal

The Big Deal: Uncapped LTE for R799

Telkom has unveiled its June deal of the month, which includes an uncapped service, or a 10GB + 5GB LTE bundle.

Telkom fibre

Telkom’s network hit by 6,000 incidents of cable theft in a year

Telkom is pushing new technology to fight cable theft.

South Africa Salary Money in Pocket

South Africa’s broadband is cheaper, and slower, than you think

The latest Point Topic residential broadband tariff benchmarks reveal how much broadband services cost globally and what speeds users enjoy.

South Africa Fail

The amazing Internet speeds we could have if the ANC government was not so useless

Imagine wireless broadband speeds of over 200Mbps. The resources to make it happen in South Africa are lying unused.

ADSL tech text

ADSL is dying

Copper-based broadband access – most notably ADSL – is rapidly declining, while FTTH is showing excellent growth.

Broadband speed

Three broadband connections which will give you over 500Mbps peak speeds

The latest MyBroadband speed test results show which broadband services produced the highest peak speeds in South Africa.

broadband speed

Good and bad news about South African broadband prices

Point Topic has released its latest broadband tariff country scorecard, which has good – and bad – news about South African broadband prices.

FNB Internet

FNB Connect uncapped LTE update

FNB has provided an update on the uncapped LTE project it is running with iBurst.

Hacker attack malware virus

The online attack that would wipe out the Internet for the whole of South Africa

Vodacom’s chief technology security officer Vernon Fryer has warned that a large denial of service attack could wipe out the country’s Internet access.

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