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South Africa internet broadband adsl cable

South African national broadband network speculation

The South African government may be planning to establish a national broadband network for the country.

Mobile operators Telkom MTN Vodacom Cell C MTN

Fastest mobile and wireless providers in South Africa

The latest MyBroadband speed test results show the fastest average mobile and wireless download speeds on offer in South Africa.

South Africa ISPs alternative

South African ADSL ISPs with the fastest download speeds

The latest MyBroadband speed test results show the fastest ADSL and VSDL ISPs in South Africa.

5G Network

We need to prepare for 5G today: Expert

By 2020 the world is likely to be connected by 5G technology, but it is a change that needs to start today.

South Africa internet broadband adsl cable

Broadband War Room for South Africa

The Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services has talked up the establishment of South Africa’s Broadband War Room.


Telkom’s Big Deal: 25GB and an LTE router for R299

Telkom’s Big Deal for September offers consumers 15GB anytime data, 10GB after-hours data, and a Huawei LTE router.


BitTorrent throttling allowed under new net neutrality rules

European regulators have decided to continue allowing shaping and throttling in their net neutrality rules.

Google Fiber Salt Lake City

Google Fiber now available in 7 US cities

Google has rolled out fibre broadband to Salt Lake City.

South Africa internet broadband adsl cable

What uncapped, unshaped ADSL really means in South Africa

When an ISP says it offers uncapped, unshaped ADSL, here’s what you are really getting.

Telkom logo phone in hand

Telkom hit by massive sabotage

Telkom has been hit by a series of attacks which the company has called “acts of sabotage”, and is offering a R500,000 reward for information on the incidents.

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