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R149 uncapped mobile data SIM launched

A new company has launched MTN data SIM cards which offer unlimited data for R149 per month

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Twisted light

Twisted light beams will boost your internet speed

Scientists are exploring a new way of transmitting data through using twisted light beams, which could be a new communication channel in optical cables

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Wi-Fi calling

Smartphone, tablet data use: Mobile versus Wi-Fi

A new report reveals the telecommunications industry is grossly underestimating the extent of Wi-Fi usage in South Africa

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Joburg fibre broadband contract still unresolved

Conflict between city councillors in Johannesburg is delaying the resolution of the city’s terminated R1.2 billion fibre optic broadband project, The Times reported.

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Broadband circuitboard

Broadband in South Africa in 2015

Some of South Africa’s top ISP CEOs tell us what they are looking forward to from the broadband market in 2015

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broadband speed

South African broadband speeds: 2002 to 2014

From 512kbps ADSL to 100Mbps fibre: we look at how SA broadband speeds have evolved from 2002 to 2014

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broadband speed

The best and worst of 2014: ISP CEOs

Some of South Africa’s top ISP CEOs share their views on the best and worst broadband developments in South Africa this year

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Biggest broadband developments in 2014

This year saw many important developments in the South African broadband market. Here are some of the highlights

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Parkhurst 1Gbps fibre-to-the-home speeds tested

A managing member of one of the ISPs offering services in Parkhurst was among the first to receive a 1Gbps fibre line, and he sent us his speedtest

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South Africa

SA suburbs with the highest mobile speeds

The latest Net Index statistics reveal the South African suburbs with the highest average mobile broadband speeds

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