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Broadband fibre Africa

Dark Africa not so dark after all

Visualisations of satellite images of Earth and other data show Internet cables, roads, air traffic, and cities at night

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Akamai state of the Internet

State of the Internet in South Africa

South Africa has seen a boost in broadband speeds, but we are still lacking true high speed connections says Akamai report

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Old-fashioned Wi-Fi comes into its own

Data moves to centre-stage: the delights and perils of Wi-Fi offloading, pricing models and access

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SA fails test of network society

ICT and broadband networks are at the core of economic-recovery strategies, yet they are little more than a footnote in the diagnostic report of South Africa’s National Planning Commission

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SEACOM Africa logo

Seacom restored via alternative routes

Seacom announced that it has fully restored all its customers on alternative routes

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Telkom’s wholesale broadband pricing under scrutiny

Telkom allegedly used its dominant position in the broadband market to prevent its competitors from competing with it.

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Telkom ADSL

Telkom Business ADSL package builder unveiled

Telkom Business has launched their new capped and uncapped ADSL packages, which includes a new TBiz broadband package builder

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Cell C data promotions still available

The data promotions Cell C is discontinuing during October 2011 still available until the end of the month, and perhaps beyond

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Fewer dropped calls, cheaper broadband?

Nokia Siemens claims Liquid Net software could make this possible

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GConnect in-flight Wi-Fi

In-flight Wi-Fi details…and the battle ahead

WirelessG is set to launch in-flight Wi-Fi next year, but there may be a few battles ahead to provide all air travelers with Internet access

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