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8ta 10GB special versus ADSL pricing

8ta recently launched their 10GB for R199 promotion. This is how 8ta’s mobile broadband pricing compares to similar ADSL offerings

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Hulk smash! 8ta’s “Go Big” data special unpacked

8ta reveals the plans for its data network and the reasons behind its 10GB data special

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Broadband fibre

Wireless broadband subscriptions hit half a billion in OECD states

The OECD said that wireless broadband subscriptions among its member states have surpassed half a billion

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Intel Capital plans to boost broadband through Altech

Intel Capital to make first investment in South Africa: Announces strategic investment in Allied Technologies Limited (Altech)

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8ta ‘Project Hulk’ data special

8ta today announced the launch of a 10GB data bundle at R199 per month and 10GB + 10GB data special at R299 per month

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Seacom gets route through Mozambique

Provides South Africa with additional border presence, Zimbabwe with redundancy

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1Gbps service demonstrated

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts Demonstrates 1Gbps Speed Broadband Connection on new service

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MTN Internet

Enhanced data carry over from MTN

MTN enhances Internet packages and data bundles with carry over functionality

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8ta 21Mbps HSPA+ tested

8ta recently unveiled their 21Mbps HSPA+ network, promising speeds of around 10Mbps

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8ta 21Mbps network live

8ta announced today that their 21Mbps network is live, with user profiles set to be upgraded very soon

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