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Telkom 40Mbps

Telkom 40Mbps VDSL to give world class speed

Telkom’s planned 40Mbps broadband service will give South Africans a truly world class broadband experience

Warning beware promotion sale limited offer

Beware data promotion fine print

Keep a close watch on when your promotional data contract runs out


Top broadband suburbs in South Africa

The top broadband suburb in South Africa has an average speed of over 10Mbps, close to the global average

Telkom 40Mbps

40Mbps uncapped DSL guaranteed for SA

MWEB, Web Africa, Vox Telecom and Afrihost say that they will definitely launch a 40Mbps uncapped DSL service when Telkom launches its 20Mbps and 40Mbps DSL services


Open VDSL pilot would slow things down: Telkom

Allowing multiple ISPs to test Telkom’s new VDSL technology could compromise the outcome of, or slow down the trial

Telkom FTTH

Broaden 40Mbps broadband trial, ISPA tells Telkom

ISPA has called on Telkom to allow all ISPs to participate in its 20 megabits per second (Mbps) and 40Mbps broadband trials

Telkom money

Telkom VDSL pricing uncertainty

Telkom is playing coy with what it plans to charge TelkomInternet customers to use its very-high-bitrate DSL pilot services

Telkom 40Mbps

40Mbps Telkom VDSL hands-on

A demonstration of the Alcatel technology Telkom is using in its MSAN roll-out showed promising results


Broadband speeds: SA drops back

South Africa’s broadband speeds are lagging further behind global standards, shows Net Index


3G, Wi-Fi, ADSL, and in-flight Wi-Fi on one account

WirelessG has launched a new G-Connect Business Service, offering a converged 3G, Wi-Fi, ADSL and in-flight Wi-Fi service

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