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SA’s broadband value really sucks

Ookla’s Net Index shows that South Africa’s broadband pricing and overall value proposition is bad – really bad!

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Broadband fibre Africa

Gateway and Teraco partner

Gateway Communications expands its presence in Southern Africa through new partnership with local data centres

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Are you getting the broadband speed you pay for?

Ookla’s Net Index now allows South Africans to compare their broadband speed with the provider’s speed promises about their service

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MTN uncapped broadband pricing compared

MTN recently slashed the pricing of their uncapped mobile broadband packages. This is how they stack up against competing offerings

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Top SA results revealed

Forget 21Mbps and even 42Mbps broadband speeds – real techies plug straight into the core network!

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MTN slashed uncapped broadband pricing

MTN has enhanced its uncapped internet packages with effect from 1 July 2011 with significant price cuts

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Bandwidth prices to make you cry

“You can buy a megabit today for fifty cents. In five years, it could be ten megabits for the same price.”

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Broadband Guidelines: what does uncapped really mean?

ISPA recently unveiled Guidelines and Recommendations on Broadband Terminology which will assist consumers to know what they buy

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Rate your broadband provider: iPad 2 up for grabs

Latest Broadband Survey gives you the chance to rate your broadband provider and ADSL ISP, and give you the chance to win an iPad 2

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Telkom ADSL

Telkom Broadband Promotion: Lots of free goodies

Telkom to launch a broadband promotion, offering subscribers free installations, free modems and free 1Mbps ADSL access with 5GB of data

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