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Broadband latency: Best and worst ISPs revealed

Latest MyBroadband speed test results reveal which broadband offerings are most suited for low-latency applications like gaming

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Surf the Internet for free at night…cowabunga!

ASA rules that Vodacom’s customers can indeed surf the Internet for free in the middle of the night

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SA Broadband Speeds: Local versus International

Latest results reveal how broadband providers compare on South African speeds versus international performance

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Cell C to unveil new broadband pricing

Cell C’s 2GB and 5GB broadband promotions to be replaced by new broadband packages

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Cell C unveils broadband numbers

Cell C today unveiled their latest financial results which included their broadband subscriber growth

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More Vodacom broadband price cuts coming

Vodacom is set to reduce the price of their prepaid and top-up data products ‘very soon’

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Fastest Internet speed tests in SA

Latest statistics reveal the highest speed tests performed from South Africa over the last month

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IS looking at LTE network

Internet Solutions considering LTE network – if the spectrum price and obligations are reasonable

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Best broadband network speeds in SA

The July 2011 statistics reveal which broadband networks provided the highest average speed over the last month

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Broadband government

DoC’s broadband plans

The DoC plans to boost broadband in South Africa and even bring fibre to South African homes

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