Incredible perks which SA tech companies offer their employees

South African technology companies offer their employees many cool and surprising perks, like a concierge service and free swimming lessons.

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Technology companies have become known for offering their employees cool perks as part of their initiatives to attract and retain the best talent.

Netflix made headlines when it started to offer new parents one year of paid maternity and paternity leave.

Salesforce employees receive $1,000 each year to donate to a charity, and also receive six days leave to do volunteer work.

Airbnb employees get an annual budget of $2,000 to stay in any Airbnb accommodation around the world.

South African tech and telecommunications companies also offer their employees some really cool and sometimes strange perks. Here are some examples.

Business Connexion rewards employees with a trip to an exotic location for them and their partner

Outstanding contributions by employees are rewarded with a fully-paid trip to an exotic location for them and their partner. In 2015, employees went to Bali.


MultiChoice offers employees MLife: a personal assistant service, driver, and concierge desk to take care of errands

MLife includes a personal assistant service, driver, and concierge desk – which takes care of dry cleaning, post pickups, and car licence renewals. Staff also enjoy an on-site wellness centre, medical services, and early childhood development subsidies.

Personal assistant

Afrihost has an open bar on Fridays, featuring entertainment and DJs

Afrihost employees receive free connectivity, a spa treatment centre, an entertainment centre, and an in-house gym. A particularly cool perk is an open bar on Friday afternoons, which includes DJs and entertainment.

Open bar

Cybersmart offers employees free swimming lessons

Cybersmart has a focus on employee development, which includes further education bursaries, assisting staff to get their driver’s licence, and free swimming lessons.


MWEB offers employees a concierge service which takes care of daily tasks

MWEB offers a concierge service for staff, where someone will collect your laundry, run errands, pay your traffic fines, collect your online shopping, and stand in queues for you.


Internet Solutions offers staff a wellness centre with a beautician, chiropractor, and a nurse

Internet Solutions offer employees access to on-premise facilities such as a gym, mini-golf course, hairdresser, and optician. IS also has a wellness centre with a beautician, chiropractor, and a nurse.


Derivco offers employees free access to an on-site gym with trainers, biokineticists and chiropractors, a barber, and a concierge service

Derivco is known for great employee benefits, which include a free on-site gym with personal trainers, biokineticists and chiropractors, beauty therapists, and a concierge service.


Hetzner gives staff free flu vaccinations and vitamin B injections

Focussed on “creating an environment where staff can succeed”, employees receive free flu vaccinations and vitamin B injections.


Vodacom offers new mothers 16 weeks paid maternity leave, and full pay for a 30-hour week for the first six months

New mothers receive 16 weeks paid maternity leave and full pay for a 30-hour week for the first six months after their return.

Maternity leave

Neotel employees get access to an on-site biokineticist free of charge

Neotel has an on-site biokineticist who operates weekly out of the employee gym.


Cell C offers employees breakfast with the CEO and meal vouchers

Cell C has various perks, which include random meal vouchers, desk drops, breakfast with the CEO, incentive trips, cash vouchers, and free devices.

Cell C also gives tickets to staff for the events which it sponsors, like Miss South Africa and Cell C rugby events.


MTN offers new mothers six months fully-paid maternity leave

MTN offers employees free legal advice and financial planning. New mothers also enjoy six months’ paid maternity leave.

Maternity leave

Vox Telecom has the Voscars, where employees can earn up to R50,000 for excellent performance

Vox Telecom’s Voscars are aimed at motivating employees to go the extra mile, and recognise exceptional performance. Monthly winners receive R15,000, while the overall annual winner gets R50,000.


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