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A man looks at his Apple iPad in front an Apple logo outside an Apple store in downtown Shanghai

Apple loses Siri patent case

A Chinese company has won a court battle against Apple over intellectual property rights

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Telkom Boxing

It’s not just about race: Telkom

Telkom has hit back at Solidarity’s “Racekom” campaign

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Racekom: If you’re white at Telkom, you’re guilty

Solidarity has launched new Racekom/Raskom websites as part of a campaign to fight Telkom’s plans to use race as a criteria for retrenchments

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Unions will take Telkom to court

Two workers’ unions have threatened to take Telkom to court over the company’s planned retrenchments

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MTN Afrihost

Afrihost’s billion rand selling price: sources

Details about the deal between MTN and Afrihost are starting to emerge via industry sources, pointing to a surprisingly high valuation

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Samsung, Intel, and Dell form smart home consortium

The new Open Interconnect Consortium seeks to establish a standard for Internet-connected household technology

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Massive Telkom job cuts talk inaccurate: report

Telkom has dismissed claims from the SA Communications Union that it plans to start firing half its work force within the next six months

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R699 a month car

R699 per month car battle online

Many people who signed up for the R699 per month deal and were “not treated fairly” have taken their fight online, which includes a Facebook group and an online petition

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Future shopping mall

Big money behind online shopping in South Africa

Online shopping is increasing rapidly in South Africa, but financiers need deep pockets

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Telkom warned against penalising whites

Solidarity says that Telkom’s race criteria for retrenchments is simply to ensure that its BEE rating is promoted, and to support the ANC’s ideology of absolute race representivity

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