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Tech jobs with the highest stress levels

Here are the Information Technology and engineering jobs with the highest and lowest stress levels.

South African Flag Proud

The one thing South Africa’s telecoms CEOs have in common

South Africa’s top telecommunications executives reveal their smartphone, laptop, and broadband choices – with one product binding them all.

Graduates money

Graduates from these South African Universities earn the highest starting salaries

The latest MyBroadband qualification and salary survey reveals the average starting salaries of graduates who studied at South Africa’s largest universities.

Sipho Maseko at SATNAC 2015

Why charges against Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko were dropped

More details have emerged about why the NPA withdrew car fraud charges against Telkom chief executive officer Sipho Maseko.

Graduates money

The degrees which will get you the highest starting salary in South Africa

We take a look at the average starting salaries for various degrees in South Africa, including engineering, computer science, BCom, and BA qualifications.

Google logo

Google has a new logo – but why?

In a world that is already filled with clutter, simplicity is a strong message. It is the designer’s noblest aspiration to explain a complex world in simple ways.

Robot eye

The threat of robots taking your job is overstated

It is easy to cast robots as the villain of the piece ready to take our jobs and even, if some predictions are to be believed, our lives.


The best-paying jobs at Google

If you thought the company perks were the only reason to work for Google, wait until you see the salaries it offers.

Sipho Maseko

Charges dropped against Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko

The charges against Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko of unlawfully driving a car with falsified number plates have been dropped.


South African tech leaders to take coding challenge

Some of South Africa’s top technology executives are taking a challenge to see if they were “born to code”.

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