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Wait to send W8_2send

Wait to send — Vodacom

Vodacom has launched a campaign to create awareness around the dangers of texting while driving

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Out-of-bundle (OOB) sharks circling out of bundle

Beware the R2 per MB out-of-bundle shark

Mobile data users still coughing up R1 or R2 per megabyte are costing their companies, and making mobile networks a tidy sum

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Cell C tower

Cell C LTE here soon

Cell C has finished its network upgrades in Gauteng, adding that it forms part of its “2015 LTE strategy”

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Shameel Joosub

What keeps the Vodacom CEO awake at night

Vodacom CEO Shameel Joosub sheds light on his biggest challenges, which are not easy to solve without government doing its work

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Cell C

Massive Cell C data price cut

Cell C has announced increased value and slashed prices on some of its products

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Mi-Fone Dual SIM SA launch and pricing

African mobile device brand mi-Fone has launched in South Africa, selling its handsets directly to consumers

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Angry man with cellphone

MTN network problems: “We’re sorry”

MTN has apologised for recent downtime on its network, saying that load shedding from Eskom aggravated problems it was experiencing

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Vodacom cheap phone 1

Vodacom Power Hour purchase limits: how it works

Vodacom sets daily limits on how many Power Hour bundles it sells to subscribers – here’s why

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Vodacom SA

Vodacom smartphone data use: 2011 to 2014

Smartphone data use has increased by over 300% over the last 3 years according to Vodacom’s latest results

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Whatsapp Cell C

How much money free WhatsApp data will save you

Cell C is offering free WhatsApp services to its customers, but how much money will they actually save?

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