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Mobile Network Operator Telkom Vodacom MTN Cell C

This comparison shows how Telkom’s new FreeMe contracts smash Vodacom and MTN’s

This is how Telkom’s new FreeMe contracts compare to the competition.

Telkom FreeMe

Telkom mocks Vodacom and MTN contracts in ads for its crazy new deals

New video advertisements from Telkom for its FreeMe packages mock the contract offerings of its rivals.


BitCo debuts licensed radio network – offers 100Mbps speeds

BitCo said it can now deploy high-speed last-mile connectivity on the 2GHz band.

Mobile operators Telkom MTN Vodacom Cell C MTN

Telkom’s 29c per MB rate shows how expensive Vodacom and MTN are

Telkom’s FreeMe mobile products show just how expensive Vodacom and MTN’s out-of-bundle data prices are.

Mobile operators Telkom MTN Vodacom Cell C MTN

Why Vodacom and MTN can ignore Telkom’s price cuts

Drastic mobile tariff price cuts by telecoms company Telkom could be ignored by the country’s biggest networks MTN and Vodacom, says an expert.

Telkom logo on phone

Telkom will let you switch to its insane new packages mid-contract

If you’re already a Telkom contract subscriber, you will be able to switch to one of the new FreeMe contracts.

Telkom shadow logo

Telkom’s new contracts kill Vodacom and MTN’s

Each contract offers free WhatsApp calling and messaging, free on-network calls, and 50 free SMS messages per day.

Dead wasp killed hunting shotgun cartridge

Fraudulent R5-a-day adult service subscription loophole investigation

Mobile operators are working to plug a loophole which allowed a service provider to subscribe mobile users to a R5-a-day adult service without their permission.

Telkom logo phone in hand

Telkom’s plan to improve LTE performance

Telkom has seen a dramatic increase in the number of customers making use of its mobile data services, specifically its Smart Broadband LTE offerings.

Mobile Network Operator Telkom Vodacom MTN Cell C

Prepaid price shootout: Vodacom vs MTN vs Cell C vs Telkom

Research ICT Africa has released its Prepaid Pricing Trends in South Africa – Q2 2016 report, which shows how the mobile operators compare on prepaid pricing.

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