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Cell C

Cell C hikes OOB data prices by 560%

Cell C has told subscribers that it will soon be increasing its out of bundle data rates, with its website suggesting that users should expect a 560% increase

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Vodacom cheap phone 2

Vodacom set to cut prepaid call rates

Vodacom looks set to respond to MTN’s recent 79c per minute prepaid call rate promotion

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Mind games paradox creativity

MTN cheaper call rate paradox

Not two weeks after a decrease in call termination rates in South Africa, MTN cut its prepaid call rates. Coincidence?

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Crazy complicated 79c per minute MTN promo

Confused by the terms and conditions on MTN’s latest promo? That’s because MTN’s prepaid product range is crazy complex

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MTN 79c

MTN cuts call rate to 79c per minute

MTN has launched a flat rate of 79c per minute, billed per second, on its MTN Pay Per Second service

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Nashua Mobile app

Nashua Mobile selling off subscribers

Nashua Mobile will dispose of its MTN, Vodacom and Cell C subscriber bases as parent company Reunert finds the business is unlikely to generate acceptable returns.

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Cellular tower

Vodacom tower built without landowners’ knowledge – report

A local council entered into a commercial agreement with Vodacom without notifying other property owners, according to the Sunday Times

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Message apps, WhatsApp, Mxit, BBM

Most popular mobile messaging apps in SA

WhatsApp vs Facebook vs Mxit vs BBM –Effective Measure’s South African Mobile Report reveals which mobile IM service is the most popular in South Africa

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VOIP warning

Will you pay more for VoIP?

The mobile operators give feedback on whether you can expect to pay up to R25 per MB for VoIP traffic

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MTN Cell C Virgin Mobile Vodacom Telkom Operator black

Unlimited plans: Vodacom vs MTN vs Cell C vs Telkom Mobile

MTN recently launched its MTN Sky products, offering consumers unlimited voice, unlimited SMS, and data. Here is how they stack up against competing services

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