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Message to Vodacom and MTN: “Cut your data prices, or else”

The authorities have sent a strong message to Vodacom and MTN – unless they reduce their data prices, it will be done for them.

Vodacom call centre banned

Don’t fall for free router and cheaper mobile contract telesales promises

Vodacom clients recently complained to The Power Report about being tricked into buying a Wi-Fi router contract by being told it would be free.

Mobile operators Telkom MTN Vodacom Cell C MTN

The battle to reduce data prices in South Africa

South African operators are facing many headwinds to contain costs, including a weak currency and a lack of spectrum.

ANC Wireless

How the ANC’s Digital TV mess is costing you money

Many people do not know what spectrum or the Digital TV migration process is, but the impact they have is well documented – high mobile data prices.

Mobile operators Telkom MTN Vodacom Cell C MTN

Parliament may take #DataMustFall debate further

Members of Parliament could the take the debate on allegedly high South African mobile data prices one step further than just a portfolio committee hearing.


Face it, you secretly love Vodacom

People are complaining about high data prices from Vodacom, but they are not willing to put their money where their mouth is.

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Expiring mobile data bundles prejudice consumers: ICASA

ICASA says that reducing the high costs of communication in South Africa remains its most important mandate.

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Afrihost Deal: 250MB mobile data a month for only R1.00

Afrihost’s latest promotion, called #DataForAll, offers consumers 250MB of mobile data per month for R1.


We want, We want, We want

The culture of entitlement has firmly gripped South Africa, with activist groups demanding free tertiary education, free electricity, and free communication services.

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What happened to my data?

Faster networks, better phones and consumers’ own habits have all led to users’ perceptions that their data is “disappearing”, a Vodacom exec has told Parliament.

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