Massive MTN price hikes: how much more you will pay

Joining Cell C and Vodacom, MTN has announced mid-contract price hikes.

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MTN has announced it will join Cell C and Vodacom in increasing the prices of many of its products, including existing contract packages.

Vodacom’s recent announcement that it would raise subscription fees mid-contract resulted in consumer backlash, with some questioning the legality of the hikes.

When it revealed the new prices of its various products, MTN said rising input costs compelled it to make these changes.

Like Cell C and Vodacom, MTN pointed to Eskom load shedding as a major contributor to increased costs, saying it has had to invest in generators and back-up batteries to power its base stations during power outages.

“All these cumulative costs have compelled us to review pricing as the last resort,” said MTN.

MTN’s new prepaid data bundle pricing kicks in on 23 April 2015, while the new post-paid prices take effect from 13 May.

The table below summarises the price hikes that are in store for MTN’s contract customers.

MTNChoice voice Old price New price Change
My MTNChoice 25 R35 R40 14% increase
My MTNChoice 50 R70 R80 14% increase
My MTNChoice 100 R135 R145 7% increase
My MTNChoice 200 R270 R290 7% increase
My MTNChoice 350 R400 R420 5% increase
My MTNChoice 500 R570 R600 5% increase
My MTNChoice 1000 R1,000 R1,050 5% increase
MTNChoice data Old price New price Change
My MTNChoice 20MB R15 R15 No Change
My MTNChoice 100MB R29 R30 3% increase
My MTNChoice 300MB R39 R40 2% increase
My MTNChoice 500MB R49 R55 12% increase
My MTNChoice 1GB R79 R85 8% increase
My MTNChoice 2GB R119 R139 17% increase
My MTNChoice 3GB R199 R209 5% increase
My MTNChoice 5GB R299 R309 3% increase
My MTNChoice 10GB R499 R519 4% increase
My MTNChoice 20GB R999 R1,045 5% increase
Non-MTNChoice contracts Old New Change
MTN Presitge Plus R1,799 R1,899 6% increase
MTN Sky R1,699 R2,099 24% increase
Anytime Classic and TopUp R50 R55 Increased package size
Anytime Classic and TopUp R100 R110 Increased package size
Anytime Classic and TopUp R200 R210 Increased package size
Anytime Classic and TopUp R350 R370 Increased package size
Anytime Classic and TopUp R500 R525 Increased package size
Anytime Classic and TopUp R750 R800 Increased package size
Anytime Classic and TopUp R1,200 R1,300 Increased package size
Anytime Classic and TopUp R1,500 R1,600 Increased package size

MTN also announced price hikes for some of its prepaid bundles.

These are summarised in the table below.

Low duration data bundles Old price New price Change
Rush Hour 10MB R1 R1.50 50% increase
Rush Hour 50MB R3 R5 67% increase
Daily 20MB R2 R3 50% increase
Daily 50MB R5 R7 40% increase
Daily 100MB R10 R12 20% increase
Daily uncapped (150MB FUP) R30 R40 33% increase
Weekly 50MB R7 R10 43% increase
Weekly 100MB R12 R15 25% increase
Weekly 300MB R29 R35 21% increase
Weekly 500MB R39 R45 15% increase
Weekly 1GB R59 R65 10% increase
Fortnightly 1GB R79 R89 13% increase
Monthly data bundle Old price New price Change
20MB R10 R12 20% increase
50MB R19 R25 32% increase
100MB R29 R35 21% increase
300MB R79 R75 5% decrease
500MB R99 R105 6% increase
1GB R149 R160 7% increase
2GB R245 R260 6% increase
3GB R299 R330 10% increase
5GB R399 R430 8% increase
10GB R599 R650 8% increase
20GB R1,199 R1,250 4% increase

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