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Cell C billboard

Why Cell C took legal action against “worst provider” billboard

Cell C explains why it needed to take action against a billboard which states that it is “the worst provider in SA”

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Cell C billboard blacked-out parts

Cell C launches urgent court action over banner

Cellphone network provider Cell C will launch an urgent court action on Monday to have a banner set up in Johannesburg by a disgruntled customer removed, a spokeswoman said

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Jose dos Santos

Cell C might not survive: report

Cell C CEO Jose dos Santos says that there’s a “strong possibility” that Cell C won’t survive, if certain takeovers and deals in the industry get regulatory approval.

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Original Cell C billboard

New revelations in Cell C “most useless service provider” billboard

New revelations have emerged in the Cell C billboard issue, which include legal demands and the people who may be behind the billboard

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Cell C billboard

“Cell C the most useless” billboard changes

The billboard which calls Cell C “the most useless service provider in SA” has undergone a few changes – here is what changed, and why

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Altech Autopage

3,000 former Nashua Mobile Cell C subscribers blocked in migration

Altech Autopage has said that over 5% of Nashua Mobile’s former Cell C client base has been “soft locked”

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Cell C billboard

“Cell C – The most useless service provider in SA”

An advertising campaign has been launched against Cell C Sandton City, saying it refuses to assist its customers

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Nashua Mobile app

Nashua Mobile subscriber migration problems

Altech Autopage has hit technical difficulties, and some former Nashua Mobile subscribers have had their phone service suspended

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Surprise Phone Bill Hader

Cheap voice call promotions in South Africa

Of the many cheaper pre-paid calling promotions launched this year, only Cell C has let its expire

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SA mobile operators

Not just Vodacom: other networks pass your number to trusted third-parties too

But only Vodacom uses header modification

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