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Alan Knott-Craig

Make or break for cheaper mobile in SA: Alan Knott-Craig

Cell C CEO Alan Knott-Craig has weighed in on the pending court battle over call termination rate regulations in South Africa

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Vodacom MTN alleged agreement

What Vodacom, MTN are hiding from you: Cell C CEO

Cell C CEO Jose dos Santos said that Vodacom and MTN are hiding the truth from consumers to try to keep prices high and protect their “super-normal profits”

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Telkom Mobile BlackBerry

Telkom Mobile data expiry complaint

Telkom Mobile’s claim that it offers “prepaid data that doesn’t expire after 30 days” challenged in ASA complaint

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Bandwidth binary tunnel data

20 Petabytes in 2013 – Vodacom Gauteng

The head of Vodacom’s Gauteng operations has provided statistics of the amount of traffic pushed over the network in his region

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Icasa puppy Vodacom MTN

Vodacom, MTN win one battle in MTR war

Icasa may reconsider the new call termination rates following complaints from Vodacom and MTN

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VOIP warning

How Vodacom, MTN can kill mobile VoIP

A Skype call from your smartphone could cost you anything from R4.39 to R36.62 per minute if Vodacom and MTN wanted to

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Neville van Niekerk

Vodacom’s big Gauteng network plans

Vodacom plans to add to its Gauteng network a number of new 2G, 3G, and LTE sites in the 2014/15 financial year

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Zunaid Jose MTN Cell C

We are fighting for consumers: MTN

MTN says that they are fighting on the behalf consumers who deserve a strong, reliable and progressive network, and a conducive business environment in which competition is fair

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Vodacom cheap phone 1

Vodacom power bundle – R3 for 50MB

Vodacom has introduced two new “Power Bundle” products – a 50MB data bundle and a 60 minutes talktime product

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MTN We're Guilty

Cell C’s surprising response to MTN’s open letter

Cell C hit back at MTN’s open letter with a corrected version of MTN’s “We’re guilty” advertisement

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