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Vodacom SA

Vodacom smartphone data use: 2011 to 2014

Smartphone data use has increased by over 300% over the last 3 years according to Vodacom’s latest results

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Whatsapp Cell C

How much money free WhatsApp data will save you

Cell C is offering free WhatsApp services to its customers, but how much money will they actually save?

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Vodacom MTN alleged agreement

Secret Vodacom, MTN pricing agreement warning

A secret agreement between Vodacom and MTN on pricing twenty years ago has been brought to the fore by Cell C CEO Jose dos Santos

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Why people text while driving

A new study has found that while most people agree that texting while driving is dangerous, 74% of drivers do it anyway

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SA mobile operators

Best and worst cellular packages in South Africa

The latest Tarifica scores show that Telkom is expanding its lead over competing mobile operators, in terms of providing the most value for contract plans

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New Cell C banner

Revamped anti-Cell C banner goes up

A revamped anti-Cell C banner has gone up at the World Wear shopping centre

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Vodacom smartphone

Vodacom More Power deals

Vodacom’s Power Hour promotion has been expanded to include a wider range of low-cost voice and data options

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Vodacom Ball

Vodacom data billing changes: how you’re affected

Vodacom has increased its data billing increment to 10 kilobytes, but it says normal mobile data users will not be affected

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Original Cell C billboard

Anti-Cell C banner owner off bad credit list: report

George Prokas is no longer listed as a slow payer with the TransUnion Credit Bureau, according to a report

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Bill Shock cat - remixed from photo by Fleecircus on Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/fleecircus/4732001082/)

Cellphone contracts: are you paying more than you need to?

Tariffic plans to launch a website which helps consumers choose the most suitable contract package for their needs

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