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ANC Wireless

ANC Government: fail, fail, fail, then try the same thing again

The ANC Government’s multiple telecoms failures have not deterred it from doing the same thing again in its latest ICT Policy White Paper.


Stop trying to hold back progress in South Africa

Pick n Pay is testing self-service checkouts to make shopping easier and more convenient, but Cosatu is fighting this innovation because of fear of job losses.

SABC TV Licence

Screw you, SABC

The SABC has gone too far this time, and it’s our turn to show them the middle finger.

Faith Muthambi

The “well on track” slap in your face

It is astonishing what the Department of Communications considers “well on track”, while it holds back the broadband industry.

South Africa Fail

The amazing Internet speeds we could have if the ANC government was not so useless

Imagine wireless broadband speeds of over 200Mbps. The resources to make it happen in South Africa are lying unused.

Whatsapp logo on phone

This is why South Africa fell in love with WhatsApp

WhatsApp has quickly become the most popular social service in South Africa, and a threat to mobile network revenues.

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice battle in flight

If the Cape Flats were Gotham City, Batman would be in jail

Batman. Superman. Iron Man. They are vigilantes. We call them heroes, writes Amy Eliason from Webber Wentzel Attorneys.

Mobile Network Operators Telkom Vodacom MTN Cell C logos new

Why I ditched my mobile operator for Telkom

Going back on contract wasn’t an easy decision to make – this is why I chose Telkom.

Netflix in SA

Netflix – don’t pay R795,000 to the FPB

The FPB’s new “online content distribution” licence has no basis in law, according to a regulatory expert.

DStv logo on remote

Think Netflix will kill DStv? Think again

The arrival of a major international streaming service like Netflix in South Africa is fantastic, but can it compete against DStv?

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