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Blame Icasa for high mobile prices

Why aren’t mobile call costs lower? Blame Icasa for not doing its job properly, writes Hilton Tarrant

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True anger at Facebook’s Oculus VR acquisition

Gamers across the world have been angered by Facebook’s purchasing of Oculus VR but according Alistair Fairweather, things could’ve been a lot worse.

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Vodacom and Neotel

Should Vodacom be allowed to buy Neotel?

Is regulation going to stifle whatever chance we have of competition to Telkom?

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Retro music player

Crusade to restore quality to digital music

Musician Neil Young is on a serious mission to restore quality to digital music and bring back its “soul”, writes Alistair Fairweather.

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Mobile phone maze

Mobile price maze in South Africa

Trying to make sense of cellular prices in South Africa is time you could rather spend unravelling the mysteries of the universe

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Jose dos Santos

The truth about mobile termination rates and asymmetry

Cell C CEO Jose dos Santos says that MTN and Vodacom are fighting ICASA to protect their duopoly, keep prices high and protect their super-normal profits

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Stop hurting South Africa: Telkom

“Stop hurting South Africa”, Telkom CEO, Sipho Maseko, told MTN and Vodacom in an open letter

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Julian Assange

Assange, surveillance, and the world’s wake-up call

The internet has changed from an apathetic space into a political battlefield. Alistair Fairweather recaps on Julian Assange’s take on this

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Icasa’s competition probe too late?

Why’s Icasa confused about lacking competition in a market it’s been ‘regulating’?

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ANC Internet hinderance

It wasn’t apartheid which hurt SA’s Internet, it was the ANC government

President Jacob Zuma says that you should thank government for your Internet and cellphone, but here are some facts which will make you think twice

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