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Shameel Joosub

Vodacom-Neotel deal crucial to meet SA’s broadband targets: Vodacom CEO

Vodacom CEO Shameel Joosub argues that consolidation is crucial if South Africa is to meet broadband targets

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School Fail

South Africa should scrap simple ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ exam results

The idea of passing or failing matric should be replaced by a simple certificate showing a school student’s final results, argues Stephanie Allais from the Centre for Researching Education and Labour at University of the Witwatersrand

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South Africa keyboard

2014 – controversy and disconnection

For the powers-that-be to succeed in providing good communications to SA citizens, it is industry that we will have to look to

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Hacker spyware virus

How to protect yourself against spying and snooping

Tired of being spied on by their governments, many are using a new system that secures their identities on the internet, writes Alistair Fairweather

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No e-toll protest

E-tolling failed before it was turned on

Thanks to Sanral’s blind arrogance, society is now wiser to the extent of its power, writes Wayne Duvenage

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Jose dos Santos

We can’t be like children in a playpen

Rather than shutting the doors with a R25 per MB ultimatum, Cell C is trying to find ways to work with OTT players like WhatsApp, writes Cell C CEO Jose dos Santos

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No Vodacom, you cannot have it both ways

Vodacom is starting to call LTE 4G, flying in the face of the company’s previous statements that only LTE Advanced qualifies as 4G

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Stop complaining, MTN and Telkom

Threats by telecoms giants to start charging for services like WhatsApp and Skype are the behaviour of schoolyard bullies, says Alistair Fairweather

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PC gaming

The $1-billion esports empire

Esports makes for compelling viewing for millions of ordinary gamers, especially when prize money is in the trillions, writes Alistair Fairweather

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South Africa Fail

Why you can’t have 4G in South Africa

This is why we can’t have nice things

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