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Eskom vs Telkom: how the ANC government wrecked two essential utilities

The South African government managed to wreck the country’s electricity and telecommunications utilities in almost exactly the same way.

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I tried Tinder, and I sucked at it

Despite all I had heard and read, meeting someone on Tinder is not easy.

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getting screwed

How much your mobile contract is nailing you

If you are on a cellular contract, you’re probably being screwed – here is by how much

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Sport gadgets

Sports gadgets to keep you in shape

Sports broadcaster Jon Gericke shares the running and cycling gadgets and apps that keep him motivated and fit

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On Air Radio broadcast

Radio as you know it is dead

Today, all one hears on the wireless is music, and bland music at that, writes broadcaster Jon Gericke

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Tablet used in school

Tablets are not toilets

There is a direct correlation and a causal relationship between school infrastructure and attendance. Tablets can’t replace roofs, walls, electricity.

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South Africa slow broadband

How ANC government failed spectacularly

Rule of thumb for spotting clueless, self-serving nonsense being peddled as truth regarding broadband: is it a politician’s jaw flapping?

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Eskom Darkness

SA’s electricity crisis – understanding the drama and moving forward

It is disingenuous for the president of South Africa to paint the picture that the electricity supply problems currently being experienced are primarily a result of the apartheid era

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Netflix in SA

Netflix in South Africa: be careful what you wish for

All indications are that Netflix wants to launch in South Africa (and everywhere else), but would you really stop using the US version?

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Shameel Joosub

Vodacom-Neotel deal crucial to meet SA’s broadband targets: Vodacom CEO

Vodacom CEO Shameel Joosub argues that consolidation is crucial if South Africa is to meet broadband targets

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