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Open door binary code software hack

Is Delphi better than Java (for high school)?

The Department of Basic Education has said why it chose Delphi for the IT curriculum

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BlackBerry Chief Executive Thorsten Heins speaks at the company's annual meeting in Waterloo, Ontario July 9, 2013. BlackBerry Ltd is on the right path for a turnaround despite the disappointing debut of its make-or-break line of smartphones, Heins insisted on Tuesday, allowing that the company remains open to any options that would create value for its investors. Shareholders voted on Tuesday to elect all the company's director nominees to its board. They also approved the company's plan to change its name to BlackBerry Ltd from Research In Motion Ltd, a move that had been announced in January.   REUTERS/Jon Blacker (CANADA - Tags: BUSINESS)

Can BlackBerry be saved?

Ill-conceived decisions by Blackberry’s chief executives have plunged the cellphone company into dire straits, but can anything be done to save it?

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NSA surveillance network

How the NSA sabotaged the internet

Alistair Fairweather thinks the US government needs to condemn the NSA’s attack on one of the world’s most important resources – the internet

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Samsung Smartwatch concept render

Smartwatches not as dumb as they sound

Rumours are swirling that Apple is working on a new gadget: the smartwatch (which Samsung launched this week). But does the world really need – or want – these gizmos?

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gestures during his keynote address at the Microsoft Build conference in San Francisco, California June 26, 2013.

What if Microsoft was a forced buyer?

The Nokia deal doesn’t solve anything

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DStv digital

DStv sports rights regulation will shake up Africa

If there is regulation of TV sports rights in South Africa it will only be a matter of time before it spreads to other countries on the continent, argues Russel Southwood

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Cell C Alan Knott Craig Senior

Wait a minute…

Alan Knott-Craig is asking for asymmetric interconnect rates because Cell C is smaller than their competitors, but is this not hypocritical?

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Telkom’s apology: Too little, too late

The winds of change are sweeping through Telkom, or at least that’s what its leadership would like us to believe. But it might already be too late.

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Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow: privacy, oversharing and government surveillance

Globally-renowned science fiction author, activist and journalist gives his views on privacy, oversharing and the troubling concern of government surveillance

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Bad Apple

Apple bruised, but nowhere near beaten

What sets Apple apart from other falling companies is its willingness to disrupt its own markets, writes Alistair Fairweather

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