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Online privacy computer privacy shield

Privacy Metaphors

We are living through a privacy tipping point. Technology is dramatically changing what is possible in terms of surveillance, monitoring, persistence, analysis

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How private are you really online?

After a few easy open-source internet searches, Alistair Fairweather found out more about his privacy-vigilant victims than he ever thought he would.

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Rich man

Stop blaming the richest 1% and move with the times

Technology has exacerbated inequality, but instead of being stuck laying blame, we should prepare ourselves for an increasingly tech-driven world.

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Digital forensics software hack virus

Computer viruses are no longer for amateurs

When Fred Cohen coined the term “computer virus”, he probably had no idea how apt it would prove nearly 30 years later, as virus makers get serious.

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Mobile fight

Mobile prices in SA – be careful what you ask for

Calling on mobile operators to offer free airtime and change their business models because people are poor is misguided and may hurt South Africa

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A man tries out a Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Gear smartwatch at the company's headquarters in Seoul October 21, 2013. South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co Ltd's quarterly operating profit matched estimates with a 26 percent rise to a new record, powered by a strong recovery in its memory chip business as smartphone sales growth eases sharply. Picture taken October 21, 2013.   REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji (SOUTH KOREA - Tags: BUSINESS)

Wear the future

After a lull in new devices, 2014 promises happy geeks plugging into radical technology.

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The year that was

2013 was indeed a stormy year for the telecommunications industry with possibly the highlight being the firing of the communications minister, Dina Pule

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Amazon drone

Amazon drones and the rise of robotic air travel

Even if Amazon’s drone delivery service does not succeed, the idea it embodies is too powerful to suppress, writes Alistair Fairweather

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Mobile Internet

How the internet is invading the real world

There are still untapped opportunities for software to completely revolutionise virtually every industry on the planet, writes Alistair Fairweather

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Don’t call me, I won’t call you

People making fewer phone calls is fast becoming a worldwide trend. And there’s not much network operators can do about it, says Alistair Fairweather.

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