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MTN Vodacom Icasa pressure

It’s all about the money

You don’t have to look beyond the financial gains and losses to understand why the mobile operators are fighting about Icasa’s latest call termination rates

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Shameel Joosub

We support lower MTRs and lower mobile prices: Vodacom CEO

Investment is the key to lowering the cost to communicate, writes Vodacom CEO Shameel Joosub

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Eskom power lines

No energy crisis, but a serious Eskom management crisis

Eskom has been downplaying and minimising the possibility of load shedding since the blackouts of 2008

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WhatsApp header

Is WhatsApp worth $19bn?

Why would Facebook want another messaging app, and one that is so publicly and vehemently against all forms of advertising?

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Old typewriter translate button

What Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Telkom really mean

Cell C, MTN, Telkom, and Vodacom have weighed in on Icasa’s new call termination regulations, but what did they really mean to say?

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Zunaid Bulbulia

MTN hits back in termination rate fight

MTN CEO, Zunaid Bulbulia says that Icasa’s planned termination rate cuts will divert investment from building a Broadband for All future, to subsidise “failing business plans”.

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Zunaid Jose MTN Cell C

MTN stamps on low prices: Cell C CEO

Acting CEO of Cell C, Jose Dos Santos, weighs in on MTN’s court action against Icasa

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Online privacy computer privacy shield

Privacy Metaphors

We are living through a privacy tipping point. Technology is dramatically changing what is possible in terms of surveillance, monitoring, persistence, analysis

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How private are you really online?

After a few easy open-source internet searches, Alistair Fairweather found out more about his privacy-vigilant victims than he ever thought he would.

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Rich man

Stop blaming the richest 1% and move with the times

Technology has exacerbated inequality, but instead of being stuck laying blame, we should prepare ourselves for an increasingly tech-driven world.

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