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SSD (left) and HDD (right)

Hard drive, SSD technology improvements continue

Prices are falling, capacities are increasing and speed is improving

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Partner programmes do not succeed in isolation

It’s not enough for vendors to offer strong partner programmes

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Anand Shimpi header

Tech industry finds an oracle, far from Silicon Valley

Anand Shimpi is one of the most influential tech industry figures you’ve never heard of

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Apple iMac

iMac versus PC – the results may surprise you

We compare the cost of an all-in-one iMac to a do-it-yourself PC

| Forum debate


802.11 wireless development through the ages

We take a look at the progression of consumer Wi-Fi technology over the last 15 years

| Forum debate

Ultrabooks thumbnail

Top Ultrabooks of 2012

We look at the top Ultrabooks for 2012

| Forum debate


AMD ZeroCore technology explained

We take a look under the hood of the HD7000 series to explain the new ZeroCore technology

| Forum debate


5 sexy hardware items for the new year

Here are some good looking tech items to help usher in the new year

| Forum debate


Hardware to look forward to in 2012

2012 promises to be a great year for hardware, here’s why

| Forum debate


Future-proof your PSU upgrade

Avoid future headaches come upgrade time.

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