Tablet PC deals comparison – September 2011

Where can you get the best 7- to 10-inch capacitive touch bang for your almighty buck?

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With the advent of Apple’s iPad, the tablet PC has become a highly sought-after gadget.

While Apple basically had the market to themselves until Google could produce a tablet-optimised version of their Android mobile operating system, competition in the SA market has heated up in recent months.

The release of Android Honeycomb, given the version number 3 and tablet-optimised by Google, has opened up the tablet market to manufacturers other than Apple.

Earlier this year (2011) Motorola launched its Xoom tablet – the first Android Honeycomb device to hit the market. It took many months, but it has finally made its way to the South African market, and was beaten here by competitors such as Samsung with its 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab devices, HTC, Acer, and Asus.

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has also recently launched its PlayBook tablet PC in South Africa.

Many of these competing devices boast far more impressive technical specifications than the Apple’s iPad 2, but the sheer momentum of Apple’s devices have made them formidable competitors.

Another difference between the iPad 2 and other devices is that the iPad isn’t strictly speaking available on contract.

8ta and Telkom Business Mobile do offer R6,000 iStore vouchers on some of their packages which can be spent on any Apple product except the iPhone, but the deal structure makes it difficult to compare it directly to other tablet PC deals.

The below table compares the various tablet PC deals on offer from operators, sorted from the least expensive to the most.

Tablet PC package comparison – September 2011
Product Price (p/m) Period (months) Notes
BlackBerry PlayBook
Telkom Business Contract 3S R410 24 16GB PlayBook + Curve 9300
Telkom Business Contract 4S R595 24 32GB PlayBook + Bold 9780
Motorola Xoom
MTN 100 contracts R289 24
Telkom Business Internet 1 R315 24
Telkom Business Internet 5 Promo R340 24 Optional “Midnight Surfer” 10GB for R100 p/m
Vodacom MyMeg 500MB R379 24
Vodacom Business Call R549 24 Xoom + Atrix; 100MB x 3 months; included Data SIM; 20 monthly weekend minutes
Samsung Galaxy Tab P1 (7-inch)
MTN Anytime 100 R199 24 additional 75MB and 25 SMSes per month
Cell C 200MB Smartdata R199 24 Stores warn: Low stock – end of life
Cell C Casual Chat 100 R199 24 Altech Autopage website
Vodacom Top Up 135 R279 24 additional 100MB x 3 months
MTN 2GB Internet R299 24 Altech Autopage website
Telkom Business Contract Basic S R320 24
8ta Contract 4 R500 24
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500
Vodacom MyMeg 500 R329 24
MTN 2GB Internet R399 24 32GB model
Vodacom Business Call R499 24 Tab 10.1 + Galaxy S2; 100MB x 3 months; included Data SIM; 20 monthly weekend minutes
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v P4
Vodacom Standard MyMeg 500 R389 24 Altech Autopage website
Huawei Ideos S7 Slim tablet
MTN 75MB Internet R149 24
Cell C Smartdata 200MB R149 24
MTN 75MB Internet R159 24 Altech Autopage website
Vodacom Top Up 135 R199 24 additional 100MB x 3 months
Vodacom Standard MyMeg 250 R209 24 Altech Autopage website
HTC Flyer
MTN 75MB Internet R269 24
Vodacom Top Up 135 R269 24 additional 100MB x 3 months
MTN 300MB Internet R349 24 Altech Autopage website
MTN Anytime 200 R479 24 HTC Flyer + HTC Desire S
Vodacom Business Call R549 24 Flyer + Sensation; 100MB x 3 months; included Data SIM; 20 monthly weekend minutes
Virgin Classic Phone Contract 800 R820 24

It should be noted that most of these deals represent those highlighted by the networks and service providers themselves in their deal books and on their websites.

Usually these packages are the more affordable “all-inclusive” deals a service provider offers that don’t require a an additional once-off payment.

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