Sony TVs – “not a recall but a service advisory”

TV manufacturer clears confusion over fire safety panic

October 13, 2011

A representative of Sony South Africa says the company has not issued a recall on its LCD TV models, but rather issued a service advisory on the matter.

Sony SA’s Andrew Fraser, who’s the head of the Department for Brand Management, has corrected initial media reports stating that Sony has recalled 1.6m Bravia flat-panel TVs sold worldwide since 2007 because faulty components may cause them to melt or catch fire.

Fraser says these reports were incorrect as the company had only issued a service advisory, on the matter. “There is no danger, but Sony has decided to exercise caution. The technical fault affects the quality of the product and not its safety,” said Fraser.

The company’s representative also went on to elaborate on the miniscule scale of the advisory, adding that less than 700 of the Bravia TV sets that were sold in the South African market were manufactured with the faulty component. The three TV models that use the particular part include the KLV-40X300, KLV-40X350 and KLV-40W300. Fraser has urged local customers to log on to the company’s website to search for any authorised service centre where their TV’s will be inspected and repaired or replaced for free.

Whilst Fraser may have some concerns on the impact that the negative publicity may have on the company’s future sales, he remains confident that current customers and potential ones will find comfort in Sony’s endeavours to communicate the technical glitch to the public. “What we are showing is that we do care. By trying to let people know about the problem and repairing it free of charge,” adds Fraser.

According to the company, the only reported incidents of Bravia TVs melting occurred in Japan, where a total of ten cases were reported. Fraser says that this further highlights the small scale of the incident, alluding to the total number of TVs that have been manufactured with the same technology.  Fraser adds that the company remains confident in the quality of its products. “This is very important to us, that is why we issue advisories to maintain the quality,” said Fraser.

Source: Moneyweb

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