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Apple Watch watchOS3

Apple watchOS 3 will drastically improve performance

The next version of the Apple Watch operating system has been unveiled.

Sunday Times Generation Next

Samsung is the sickest cellphone in South Africa

The Sunday Times Generation Next youth survey results for 2016 are out.

Tech Sale

Unbeatable tech deals and other specials

This week Incredible Connection has a Birthday Sale, Game has Unbeatable Deals, and Makro and Dion Wired are offering price cuts on tech products.


The best TVs money can buy in South Africa

Top TV manufacturers tell MyBroadband what the best television is which South African consumers can buy.

Tech Sale header

Incredible Birthday Sale and other tech specials

Incredible Connection has launched its Birthday Sale, offering big discounts on tech products.

Gear IconX

Samsung unveils Gear IconX

Samsung’s new Gear IconX earbuds provide data such as heart rate, distance, speed, duration, and calories burned during exercise.


Makro Mighty IT One Day Sale

Makro has launched its Mighty IT One Day Sale, offering big discounts on laptops, desktop computers, monitors, tablets, printers, hard drives, and projectors.

Sale Deals

Awesome tech and gadget deals

This week you can score a sweet deal if you shop at Game, Dion Wired, Makro, Loot, and Incredible Connection.


E-cigarettes are exploding in people’s faces

Electronic cigarettes have come under the spotlight for the potential to explode in the face of their users, according to a report.

BACtrack Skyn

The wristband that measures how much alcohol you’ve had to drink

BACtrack Skyn is a wearable device that provides alcohol monitoring via a user’s smartphone.

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