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Sale Deals

Big Birthday Sales, Red Hot Buys, and other tech specials

Dion Wired and Incredible Connection are running birthday sales with big price cuts, Game is offering “Red Hot Buys”, and Makro has its usual weekly tech specials.


The world’s smartest tape measure

The Bagel is a digital tape measure that lets you measure, organise, and analyse in a smart way.

IMAX Header

How much it costs to have an IMAX movie theatre in your house

IMAX Private Theatre is aimed at high-net-worth individuals.

Dion Wired logo

Great deals in Dion Wired’s Epic 10th Birthday Sale

Dion Wired has unveiled its second week of deals as part of its Epic 10th Birthday Sale.

Cyclops Visor

Cyclops Visor – shoot flames from your eyes

YouTuber Sufficiently Advanced has taken inspiration from X-Men character Cyclops’s ability to shoot lasers from his eyes in creating his Cyclops Visor.

Tiny motor in bicycle

Tour de France to use thermal cameras to spot cheats

This year’s Tour de France will use thermal imaging cameras capable of detecting mechanical anomalies in the riders’ bikes.

Cyber Monday

Massive Makro Cyber Sale – over 200 big deals

Makro has launched “this year’s biggest online sale”, offering over 200 big deals on technology and multimedia products.

Tech Sale Deals

Big birthday sales and other tech specials

Dion Wired and Incredible Connection are running big birthday sales, Game is offering Red Hot Buys, and Makro has its usual weekly specials.


SpotMini – a cool new robot dog

Boston Dynamics has introduced SpotMini, a dog-like robot that can run for 90 minutes on a single charge.

SanDisk USB

Awesome gadgets and tech accessories for under R300

With inflation and a weak exchange rate taking their toll on the South African consumer, saving money has become a priority for many tech lovers.

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