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Flying drones, quad-copters in SA: legal or illegal?

Local film-makers and hobbyist drone-makers have recently found themselves on the wrong side of the law

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Apple explosion

Apple iWatch to enter mass production soon: source

A smartwatch from Apple will go into mass production during July 2014, according to a Reuters source

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The Skunk anti-riot drone from Desert Wolf

The Skunk: SA’s bad-ass riot-control drone

Among its payload: four paint ball barrels that can fire up to 20 bullets per second each

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iPad Air

iPad index – how South African prices compare

A comparison of iPad Air prices around the globe will not make South Africans too happy or sad

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Macbook Air Mid-2013

MacBook Air update fixes battery problem

Owners of MacBook Air machines circa 2013 – 2014 can now download an update from Apple to fix a battery problem

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Microsoft logo on HQ building

Microsoft All-in-One keyboard trackpad works with smart TVs, consoles

Microsoft has combined a trackpad and a keyboard into one device

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Great tech deals, birthday savings

South African consumers can enjoy significant savings on technology products this weekend

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BMW Connected Drive car

BMW Connected Drive launched in SA

The “ConnectedDrive” services for BMW cars has been launched in South Africa

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Oculus Rift Virtual reality

Virtual reality gaming popular but not dominant at E3 2014

While the lines to try virtual reality have been among the longest at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the buzzed-about technology isn’t necessarily a dominating force at the game industry’s annual gathering

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Surface Pro 3

No Surface Pro 3 plans for South Africa yet

Microsoft South Africa currently has no plans to launch the Surface Pro 3

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