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iPhone 5

iPhone 5S tech, launch date rumours heating up

A new processor, redesigned internals, and a launch date are bandied around the web

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Apple explosion

Apple registers “iWatch” trademark

Apple has applied for a trademark for “iWatch” in Japan, as gadget makers turn their attention to wearable computers.

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NASA Curiosity rover

NASA tests new Mars Rover prototype

NASA scientists are testing a prototype of a robot the US space agency hopes to send to Mars in 2020

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Multicopter in action

Flying tech tussle at Mandela hospital

Police officers apprehended a man who flew a radio-controlled mini helicopter over the hospital where former president Nelson Mandela is being treated

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Vintage Youtube Ad

Tech and gadget deals this weekend

Kalahari, Esquire, Makro, BT Games and Dion Wired all feature tech and gadgets deals this week

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Android glowing in crowd

Google Android gaming console planned: report

Google is developing a videogame console and a wristwatch based on its Android operating system

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Samsung super-thin curved OLED television sets

Samsung rolls out first OLED TVs, production glitches linger

Samsung launched its first OLED TV, taking the ultra-thin technology into a nascent market despite tenacious production challenges

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Nvidia Shield controller

Nvidia delays launch of Shield gaming device

Nvidia is delaying sales of its new handheld game gadget – the Nvidia Shield

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Kirobo header

Japan’s Kirobo conversation robot ready for first space mission

The world’s first space conversation experiment between a robot and humans is ready to be launched.

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Macbook Air Mid-2013

New MacBook Air prices in South Africa

Core Group has revealed the recommended retail prices for the new MacBook Air

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