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3D printing metal in mid-air

Watch this 3D printer print metal in mid-air

Researchers have developed a 3D printer that can create metal structures in mid-air.


IBM patents printer that can’t copy or print copyrighted material

IBM has submitted a patent application for a printer that prevents the copying or printing of copyright-infringing text or images.

Tech Sale Deals

Incredible Deals and The Real Deal Birthday

This week, Incredible Connection is running its Incredible Deals specials and Game continues its The Real Deal Birthday sale.

Apps on Smartphone

University students caught in high-tech cheating scam

A leading private university in Thailand is calling for a change in the law to prosecute students who cheat and criminals who help them.


New, ultra-advanced speed cameras tested in Cape Town

New speed cameras tested in Cape Town can measure vehicle speeds without laser or radar technologies, and can detect drivers tailgating, skipping red lights, and illegally changing lanes.

Sale Deals

Real Deal Birthday Sale and other awesome specials

You can save a lot of money in Game’s Real Deal Birthday Sale, Makro’s Big on Quality promotions, and Loot’s Hot Deals.

LG fingerprint sensor

LG develops fingerprint sensor under glass

LG Innotek has developed an under-glass fingerprint sensor module.

GeoOrbital wheel

Create your own electric bicycle in 60 seconds

The GeoOrbital wheel takes under 60 seconds to install, supports speeds of up to 32km/h, and provides a range of up to 80km.

Batteries and motor

Professional cyclists caught using tiny motors

An investigation claims that tiny hidden motors are used in bicycles in professional road races.

Tech Sale

The Real Deal Birthday, IC’s Cyber Sale, and other tech specials

This week Game has big specials as part of its Real Deal Birthday, while Makro, HiFi Corp, and Incredible Connection have also slashed their gadget prices.

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