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Hottest gadgets from Mobile World Congress 2015

Mobile World Congress 2015 is taking place this week – here are some of the hottest gadgets unveiled at the show

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Dead battery

Why your laptop battery won’t kill you

News on Tuesday that major U.S. airlines are no longer going to ship powerful lithium-ion batteries might lead some to fret about the safety of their personal electronic devices

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Samsung Galaxy S5 rear cover open with battery removed

Airlines don’t want to fly with rechargeable batteries

Citing safety concerns, United Airlines says it will no longer accept bulk shipments of rechargeable lithium batteries

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HTC Grip

HTC Grip fitness band price, SA launch

HTC talks about its new fitness band and when it will be launched

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Sony Xperia Z4 tablet

Sony Xperia Z4 – world’s lightest and slimmest tablet

Sony has unveiled its Sony Xperia Z4 tablet, the world’s “lightest and slimmest” 10-inch tablet

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HTC Vive launch slide at MWC

HTC Vive virtual reality headset from Valve announced

HTC has announced a partnership with video gaming giant Valve to develop a new virtual reality headset

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What happens when drones become intelligent?

Drones – or unmanned aerial vehicles as they are increasingly known – have reached a mass-market tipping point

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Massive savings on TVs and other gadgets

You can save lots of money on gadgets and technology products this weekend from Makro, Incredible Connection, HiFi Corp, and other retailers

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Anti-poaching drone

Drones, satellites, and maths take down poachers in South Africa

drones, combined with other more established technology tools, can greatly reduce poaching — but only in those areas where rangers on the ground are at the ready to use the data gathered

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Big savings on tech products

If you are looking for big savings on laptops, televisions, tablets, and other tech products, you have come to the right place

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