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Star Wars-like hoverbike now a reality

The United States Defense Department has partnered with U.K.-based firms to build a hoverbike which will be used as a tactical reconnaissance vehicle.

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This week’s epic tech and gadget deals

Here are this week’s best tech and gadget deals, giving you the chance to save thousands.

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Bionic Hand

Low-cost prosthetic hand 3D printed in South Africa

A low-cost prosthetic hand, designed in Cape Town and 3D printed in Bloemfontein, is pointing the way to a brighter future for amputees.

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South Africa to launch continent’s first private satellite

Africa’s first private satellite will be launched in 2016.

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James Bond

James Bond’s coolest and deadliest gadgets

Bond can credit many of his mission success stories to his array of gadgets and tech, designed for him by the Q Branch.

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Yacht Header

The billionaire’s super yacht with hovering jet plane

A Russian businessman has a vision for a super yacht that will trump any boat parked in Monaco’s harbour.

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This week’s awesome tech specials

Here are this week’s best tech and gadget specials – go forth and save.

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Origami Robot size, weight, load

Watch this tiny origami robot fold itself, move around, then dissolve

MIT researchers have demonstrated a miniature origami robot that runs on magnetic fields.

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A staff member of Nihonbinary looks at its 3D printer MakerBot Replicator 2 as it prints a Polylactic acid fish shape accessory during the International Robot Exhibition 2013 in Tokyo November 8, 2013. Japanese entrepreneurs are building businesses based on 3D printing, showing the sort of pioneering spirit Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hopes can revitalise a calcified economy. Whether these entrepreneurs can lay the foundations for a new era in Japanese products though may depend on whether Abe can tear down barriers in a wider business culture that shuns risk and supports the status quo. Picture taken November 8, 2013. To match Feature JAPAN-ECONOMY/3DPRINTER   REUTERS/Yuya Shino (JAPAN - Tags: BUSINESS)

3D printers for sale on Takealot – at a price

For those looking to shape and produce their own creations, Takealot is selling a range of 3D printers.

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Laser Shotgun

Home-made laser shotgun is as awesome as it sounds

As one YouTube commentator put it: “Do you want supervillains? Because this is how you get supervillains.”

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