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Super Mario Run

Super Mario coming to Apple iPhone

Nintendo and Apple have announced that Super Mario Run will launch on iOS later this year.

AMD 7 Gen

AMD 7th Generation A-Series processors now shipping

Gaming PCs powered by 7th-generation AMD A-Series desktop processors have been launched.

Logitech Prodigy

Logitech launches new Prodigy series

Logitech has unveiled its new Prodigy series of gaming gear, which includes two mice, a keyboard, and a headset.

Razer R1

Razer unveils the ultimate gaming PC

Razer and Maingear have partnered to release the “ultimate gaming PC” – the Maingear R1 Razer Edition.

Acer Curved Laptop Header

Acer unveils world’s first curved-screen laptop

Acer has unveiled new devices ahead of IFA 2016, which include what it claims is the world’s first laptop with a curved display.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation Now games available on PC

PlayStation Now games are now available on PC, giving gamers the chance to play over 400 PS3 titles on their Windows machine.

No Mans Sky

I played No Man’s Sky and it filled me with awe

Setting aside the controversy swirling around No Man’s Sky for a few hours, I sat down to experience the game for what it was.

PC gaming

Video games at the Olympics

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s appearance as Super Mario in the closing ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games delighted audiences around the world.

Dell monitor

Dell releases new 24-inch gaming monitor

Dell has unveiled a new 24-inch gaming monitor, the S2417DG, which features QHD resolution.

Gaming PC

How much you should pay for a high-end gaming PC in South Africa

If you want to build a rig that can comfortably play new games at 1440p while maintaining 60 frames per second, this is what you’ll pay.

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