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xbox one on display

XBox original programming plan

When it comes to original programming, Microsoft is going to throw it at the Xbox and see what sticks

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Atari ET uncovered

Legendary E.T. video game landfill uncovered

Documentary filmmakers have unearthed hundreds of “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” cartridges, considered by some the worst video game ever made and blamed for contributing to the downfall of the video game industry in the 1980s.

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PS4 PlayStation 4 dual Shock 4 PS4 Eye

PlayStation 4 sales top 7 million

Sony says it has sold seven million PlayStation 4 worldwide since its launch last year

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PC gaming

South African gamers: fast food, alcohol, and sex

A new survey sheds light on South Africa’s gamers, including their favourite fast foods and which beer brands they prefer

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PS4 PlayStation 4

PS4 a massive hit

Sony on Tuesday announced it has sold more than six million PlayStation 4 consoles

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Rands on Africa

PS4, games to get price increases in SA

SA retailers expect hardware, console, and game prices to rise in response to the weak rand exchange rate and inflation.

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Samsung Galaxy Gamepad controller with device mounted

Samsung Galaxy Gamepad: will it come to SA?

It is not yet clear whether Samsung’s new GamePad controller will be available in SA

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PS4 PlayStation 4 dual Shock 4 PS4 Eye

FNB PlayStation 4 launch window change

Clients hoping to get their PS4 from FNB will have to wait awhile longer

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Samsung GamePad press shot

Samsung Smartphone GamePad and Mobile Console app launched

Samsung has officially launched a gamepad for smartphones along with a mobile console application

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Steam OS now available

Valve has released its desktop operating system, Steam OS

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