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PC gaming

No more fun and games

Women gamers are receiving harsh threats online for “poking deftly into the subculture’s most sensitive nerve”, writes Alistair Fairweather

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Grand Theft Auto 5 pulled for promoting violence against women

Australian retail giant Target said Thursday it would stop selling blockbuster video game “Grand Theft Auto V” over concerns that it encourages violence against women

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Brain stimulation

Playing video games is good for your brain

Whether playing video games has negative effects is something that has been debated for 30 years

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Middle Eastern video gamer family

Big video games, e-commerce growth in Middle East, North Africa

Video game and e-commerce markets are growing “exponentially” across the Middle East and North Africa, according to a study

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Retro gaming device

Video game price increases hike inflation in UK

Increasing game prices in the United Kingdom led to rising inflation, official data showed

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Twitch.TV logo

StreamerHouse: 3 guys playing games for a living

Part talk radio and part performance art, three young men are labourers in a brave and strange new economy that rewards a Big Brother-like existence combined with entrepreneurial pluck

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Atari ET uncovered

Worst video game ever made cashes in at auction

What some have called the worst video game ever made has fetched thousands of dollars for a city in the southwestern state of New Mexico

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Rubics cube

Rubik’s Cube world champions coming to South Africa

South Africa is hosting international Speedcube competitions, and has attracted two world champions to the local events

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PS4 PlayStation 4 dual Shock 4 PS4 Eye

PlayStation 4 for R5,599 – limited offer

The PlayStation 4 is going for cheap at Kalahari, for a limited time only

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PS4 PlayStation 4

How many PlayStations are there in South Africa?

Ster-Kinekor has revealed how many PlayStations there are in South Africa and how the PS4 is selling in comparison to the PS3

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