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South African Post Office SAPO

SA Post Office closes hundreds of branches

Financial woes continue to weigh on the South African Post Office as it has recorded a R1.1bn final loss for the year ended March 31 2016.


UCT will stay closed until demands are heard: student leader

UCT will remain closed until the vice chancellor engages students on their demands and takes their call for free, decolonised education to national leaders, a student leader has said.

Discovery Vitality

Discovery Vitality price increases and benefits changes

Discovery has announced several changes to its Vitality programme for next year.

Graduation high school university

Universities must not make money: student association

Universities should not be money-making organisations, the fees commission has heard.


Nu Metro 4DX cinema opens in Johannesburg

Nu Metro’s first 4DX theatre in Gauteng at its Hyde Park cinemaplex will soon open its doors to the public.

SABC please stand by

Advertisers should boycott SABC: Right2Know

The Right2Know Campaign has called for advertisers to boycott the SABC.

MyBroadband conference stage

The MyBroadband Conference: 2005 to 2016

The MyBroadband Conference has grown from a small event in 2005 to the largest event of its kind in South Africa, with speakers and exhibitors from the country’s top IT and telecoms companies.

South Africa Map

South Africa’s top 10 brands revealed

Brand South Africa and Brand Africa Finance have announced the top 10 brands in the country.


50% chance we are living in the Matrix: Bank of America

Analysts at Bank of America have reportedly suggested there is a 20-50% chance our world is a Matrix-style virtual reality and everything we experience is a simulation.


Nearly 395,000 µTorrent forum accounts for sale

User accounts from a recent breach of µTorrent’s forum database are for sale.

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