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Hoverboards and super-fast trains – why we need superconductors

If physicists were able to achieve the goal of room temperature superconductivity in a material that was easy to fashion into wires, important new technologies would soon follow

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8-year, 4.8-billion km journey for NASA spacecraft

A NASA spacecraft flawlessly slipped into orbit around Ceres on Friday in the first visit to a dwarf planet after a nearly eight-year journey

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Media24 to launch news wire service

Media24’s digital division,, is launching a news wire service next month, it announced on Thursday

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Rubics cube

Rubik’s Cube record smashed, using one hand

An Indian student has set a new Rubik’s Cube record by solving five of the puzzles in just over a minute using only one hand

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Copper wires

Suspected copper cable thieves arrested

Two suspected cable thieves were arrested in Germiston early Wednesday morning

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Mark Shuttleworth

Shuttleworth case judgement reserved

The Constitutional Court on Tuesday reserved judgment in the SARB’s application for leave to appeal a Supreme Court of Appeal judgment in favour of billionaire entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth

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Mark Shuttleworth

Shuttleworth levy decision should have been made by government minister

The decision whether to reverse an exit charge on Mark Shuttleworth’s capital transfer out of South Africa should have rested with the finance minister and not the SARB

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Young women using smartphones at an amusement park

Students are more tech savvy, but does it really help them?

The 2015 Student Tech Survey shows that students are tech savvy, but it also means their smartphones are more important than studying

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Samsung Galaxy A5

Tell me how long my smartphone will last before I buy it

France is ordering manufacturers to inform consumers how long they can expect their TV, cell phone or other appliance to last – before they buy it

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Bill gates

Guess how rich Bill Gates is

The world’s richest person got even richer this year

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