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Maths fail

Big drop in matric pass rate expected

The pass rate for the 2014 matric exams is expected to drop for the first time in 5 years, the City Press reports, with maths and science seen as the main cause.

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TshepisoSAT construction

South Africa’s nanosatellite: one year, 250 million kilometres

TshepisoSAT has performed well in its first year of operation

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2015 Technology New Year’s Resolutions

Here are 3 things that all of us should be doing in the New Year

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IEB matric pass rate: 98.38%

All IEB candidates that passed achieved a pass that is good enough to enter tertiary study at one of the three levels

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Crystal ball currency money price business predict future

Best tech predictions in South Africa

There were many great predictions in history, like the development of atomic bombs and using wireless communication devices. Here are some of South Africa’s best predictions

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LG raided after Samsung washing machine vandalism

South Korean prosecutors raided the Seoul headquarters of LG Electronics on Friday following allegations that the firm’s executives vandalised their rival Samsung’s washing machines

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The Interview

Sony releases “The Interview” online

Sony on Wednesday released online “The Interview,” the movie that has outraged North Korea for lampooning dictator Kim Jong-Un

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Barack Obama

Sony will show The Interview, Obama gives thumbs up

The White House is praising Sony’s announcement that it will allow several independent cinemas in the United States to show its embattled political comedy The Interview starting Thursday

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Copper cable

Copper theft down in November

The cost of copper theft decreased to R13 million in November from R13.2m in October

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South Africa Brain

Great South African ideas that flopped

Not all cool ideas from South Africans survive, or even make it into production

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