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You must pay for premium WhatsApp, Skype services: MTN

MTN has called for collaboration between mobile network operators in South Africa, and Over the Top (OTT) players.

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Graduates money

Maths and science awards bring in the millions

Academia doesn’t usually bring rich financial rewards

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Intel logo

12-year-old takes Intel capital funding

Shubham Banerjee was 12 years old when he closed an early-stage funding round with Intel Capital, the company’s venture capital arm, last month for his prototype for a low-cost Braille printer

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Smart home

What people want from a smart home

With so many smart home devices coming onto the market, what are the main features that customers would open their wallets for?

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Space X liftoff

Scientists prepare to land spacecraft on comet

The European Space Agency is making final preparations to land the first unmanned spacecraft on a comet next week, and scientists are hoping that technology designed a quarter century ago will perform as planned.

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Eskom power lines

Rolling blackouts next week? Eskom responds

A coal storage silo which held more than 10,000 tons of coal at the Majuba power station in Mpumalanga collapsed on Saturday, affecting coal supplies to all six units at the power station

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Crazy ideas

Crazy products South Africans spent money on

Many South Africans have purchased expensive products which promised the world, but without credible scientific evidence that they could deliver

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E-toll crush

E-toll freeways saved you money: economist

Gauteng’s new roads saved commuters money for three years, and they were now being asked to pay for the project through e-tolls, an academic said on Thursday

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e-toll scrap

SA in “serious trouble” if e-toll debt not paid: Sanral

South Africa would be in ‘serious trouble’ if the existing e-tolling debt was not settled, SA National Roads Agency Limited told the e-toll review panel in Pretoria on Wednesday

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Eskom power lines

Power supply tight, but manageable: Eskom

The power system was tight but manageable with no rolling blackouts expected, Eskom said on Wednesday

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