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Next Ster-Kinekor Imax theatre announced

Ster-Kinekor has announced that its next Imax theatre would be opening in Gauteng during 2015

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World View capsule

Space-faring tourist balloon makes successful flight

An Arizona company said Tuesday it has successfully completed the first small-scale test flight of a high-altitude balloon and capsule being developed to let tourists float 20 miles (32 kilometers) above the earth.

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Ster-Kinekor Imax vs old Imax

Ster-Kinekor has responded to complaints about its Imax theatre in Durban

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John Bosco Habarulema in the SANSA space weather centre

SA-based scientist first African to receive international award

A scientist with the SA National Space Agency has become the first African to receive a prestigious award from the American Geophysical Union

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Dina Pule at DTT event

Pule heading back to court: report

The Special Investigating Unit has taken former communications minister Dina Pule to court.

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Big Bang

Big bang “breakthrough” evidence may be flawed

American astrophysicists who announced just months ago what they deemed a breakthrough in confirming how the universe was born now admit they may have got it wrong.

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Copper cable

Copper cable theft kingpin in court

An alleged copper cable theft kingpin was expected to appear in the Polokwane Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, Limpopo police said.

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South Africa Brain

South Africa’s brilliant IT and engineering professionals

South Africa has many IT and engineering companies and professionals who are global leaders. Here are some examples.

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Business connexion

BCX appoints acting CEO

BCX has appointed Vanessa Olver as acting CEO of the group following the death of Leetile Benjamin Mophatlane.

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Sleekgeek reaches milestone

Sleekgeek celebrates 15,000 member milestone on Facebook, and marches forward to encourage geeks to live a healthier life

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