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South Africa’s schoolkids rank second-to-last in the world in maths and science

South African science and maths students have once again ranked among the lowest scoring pupils in the world.

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HackJozi Challenge

Hack Jozi grand prize from R5m to R1m: this is what happened

The Joburg Centre for Software Engineering has addressed concerns about the prize pool for the Hack Jozi Challenge.

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South Africa Brain

Great new South African innovations

South Africans continue to produce innovative solutions to problems in the country. Here are some of the best new innovations available today.

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South Africa Brain

South African science is making its mark

South Africa is fortunate to boast excellence in a large number of cutting-edge science and technology domains.

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Put down that phone while driving

Road accidents cost South Africa over R300 billion a year, and many of these accidents are caused by using mobile phones while driving.

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Star Wars Hologram

3D holograms no longer science fiction

Three dimensional holographic images and floating displays outside a screen have long been a favourite of science fiction movies.

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Ster Kinekor

Movie prices in SA versus inflation: 2005 to 2014

Over the past few years movie ticket prices have increased like clockwork – here’s how the increases compare to inflation.

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Robot Worker

Can robots kill without consequences?

Programmers, manufacturers, and military personnel could all escape liability for unlawful deaths and injuries caused by fully autonomous weapons, or “killer robots”.

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MIT Motion Mag

Using computer vision technique to magnify vibrations

Researchers apply computer vision technique to see tiny vibrations in large structures like bridges and buildings, writes Jennifer Chu from MIT News.

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Telkom's new brand

Massive Telkom ADSL wholesale price cuts

Telkom has announced a number of reductions in its wholesale pricing, including fibre, broadband access, and ADSL IP Connect.

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