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Optical discs

Sony, Panasonic working on next-gen optical discs

Panasonic and Sony team up to find next-gen disc solution

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Old Computer Ad 1

Devastated global PC market shrinks further

Global shipments of personal computers slumped for a fifth straight quarterly decline

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Apple Logo - original 1976

First Apple computer could fetch over R5-million

An Apple 1 from 1976, one of the first Apple computers ever built, goes on the auction block at Christie’s next week.

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SA Supercomputer Team

Holy petaflops! SA students are supercomputing champions

South Africa has won an international student supercomputing competition, beating world leaders China and the United States.

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Nvidia to license graphics technology: CEO

Nvidia will license graphics technology to other companies such as Apple, Samsung and other mobile device makers.

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Chinese supercomputer now the world’s fastest

A Chinese supercomputer is the fastest in the world, comfortably overtaking a US machine which now ranks second.

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AMD logo

AMD may bounce back in server market: analyst

Prospects are looking better for AMD as computer servers acquired last year in its purchase of tiny startup company SeaMicro bolster results

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2013 Mac Pro reveal

MacBook Air refresh, new Mac Pro unveiled

“Can’t innovate anymore my ass!” – Phil Schiller

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ARM processor

ARM unveils new processor for smartphones

Chip designer ARM Holdings said it will defend its over 90 percent share of the mid-range mobile device market, helped by a new processor

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Das Keyboard Model S keyboard

Das Keyboard Model S “Quiet” closest thing to IBM Model M you’ll get

Offers no-nonsense Cherry MX Blue, Red or Brown switches

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