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Toyota Wireless Charging

Toyota tests wireless charging for electric cars

Toyota begins field trials with a wireless charging system for electric cars

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Cyber warrior hacker

Click, Print, Shoot: Downloadable guns possible

Downloading a gun’s design plans to your computer, building it on a three-dimensional printer and firing it minutes later. No background checks, no questions asked.

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Robotic use rises as manufacturing becomes reshored

This article explains how automating with industrial robots can help companies to bring their manufacturing home without any adverse effects on their competitiveness

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Computers to develop 5 human senses

Processing sights and sounds requires eyes, ears and, most important, a brain—right? But what if your hardware shared your senses asks IBM.

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IBM logo

IBM predicts computers that smell and translate baby talk

IBM has predicted that computers will be developed in the next five years that can smell and even understand babies before they learn to speak

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Internet IP transit globe network

Top ten strategic technology trends for 2013

Gartner has identified the top ten technologies that will be strategic for most organisations

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Apple logo

Is Microsoft taking a bite out of Apple?

Apple’s appeal may finally be at risk

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Jobs and money

Best jobs in tech

CNN Money and recently published their list of great careers, which included the top tech jobs

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MySpace logo

Myspace teases revamped site

Myspace provides a peek at the redesigned website for the music streaming service

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Voice over IP VoIP rotary phone old school

ADSL killed my baby

Still using copper-based VOIP in your start-up or SME?

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