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Turning to light for wireless communication

Can an old technology be revised for modern purposes?

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Phone bill

Demystifying your telecoms bill

Reading your telephone bill can be a bit like watching a politician operate: You know something is amiss, but it’s hard to see what, exactly

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Instant communication is as powerful as it is competitive

Despite the potential of Facebook to create a major wave in the IM space, the future is likely to remain multi-platform and highly integrated

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HTML5 no mobile holy grail

HTML5 won’t solve the fragmentation problems presented by developing native apps for mobile platforms, argues VMT CEO Wilter du Toit

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Worried about VoIP quality? Re-think ADSL

New wireless and fibre options can greatly improve reliability at good prices, says George Golding, MD of Euphoria Telecom

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Conservatively cool on Twitter

Thanks to Twitter I now know what FNB stands for. It stands for Friday Night Boys

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Pentagon extends cyber defence program

The Pentagon is extending a cyber security pilot program to help protect its prime suppliers.

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Most popular torrents in SA – August 2011

TorLock, TorrentFunk, and reveal their most popular torrents among South African users

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The importance of SMS

While a cat has nine lives, it seems that SMS has an infinite number of lives

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Internet URL HTTP

Online publishers face a challenge

Value of publisher data trapped in fragmented systems, says Acceleration director Richard Mullins

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