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Adults only censored online dating

India reverses massive porn website ban

But sites featuring child pornography will remain blocked.

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Neotel peering saturation concerns

There is concern that Neotel’s peering in Cape Town is saturated, which could influence the service levels of some telecoms providers.

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Internet porn

Here are the porn websites which India blocked

Internet service providers in India have received orders from the Department of Telecommunications to ban 857 sites in order to protect morality and decency.

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Biggest Websites

South Africa’s biggest websites, without

The latest Effective Measure statistics reveal the country’s top websites, excluding properties News24, Fin24, and Careers24.

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Pirate flag loading screen (Black Flag site)

This is how South Africans pirate online

Results from MyBroadband’s online piracy survey reveal details about the habits of South African media and software pirates.

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404 Lego

Best 404 pages on the Internet

Many websites have very creative 404 pages – here are some of the best ones from around the Internet.

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Wi-Fi wireless symbol

Free Wi-Fi for Cape taxi ranks

Free Wi-Fi is being rolled out at taxi ranks in the Western Cape as an expansion of a project to grow internet access throughout South Africa.

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Facebook Aquila

Facebook’s solar-powered plane that beams down Internet connectivity

Facebook has revealed Aquila – a solar-powered unmanned plane that beams down Internet connectivity from the sky.

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New Vidi subscription video streaming prices

Plus, the Samsung Smart TV app is on the way, Vidi promises.

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Airbnb logo

Airbnb launched in South Africa

The CEO of Airbnb has officially launched the service in South Africa.

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