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Facebook Web

Facebook testing major change to how videos play in your feed

Facebook is testing a significant change in how it plays videos displayed in your feed.

Opera browser logo

Free Opera VPN comes to Android

Opera has brought its free VPN service to Android, which blocks ad trackers and lets you change your virtual location.

Online dating scam

Four arrested in Cape Town for online dating scam

Two local women and two Nigerian men were arrested in connection with online dating scams.

Fake warning television TV

Fake Afrikaans Facebook profile scam warning

International scammers are using fake and hijacked Afrikaans Facebook profiles to build trust, and trick users into a false sense of security to steal their money.

The Pirate Bay

Cloudflare faces lawsuit from porn site ALS Scan for helping pirate sites

TorrentFreak reported that Cloudflare has been called out for helping sites such as The Pirate Bay.

South African Post Office SAPO

SA Post Office website security certificate problems

Certain web browsers fail to recognise that the South African Post Office website’s security certificates were issued by a valid authority.

Google logo office

Google to punish mobile websites with intrusive pop-up ads

Google said that it will soon start to downgrade the search ranking of mobile websites which have intrusive interstitial ads.

Facebook friend invite header

U.S. border control wants to gather Facebook and Twitter identities

U.S. customs and border protection wants to know who you are on Facebook and Twitter, which the EFF says is a bad idea.


Today is Internauts Day

The World Wide Web became publicly available on the Internet 25 years ago, enabling non-technical computer users to use the Internet in a simple and quick way.

Twitter Night Mode

Twitter Night Mode launched for iOS

Twitter has started to roll out Night Mode for iOS users.

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