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Turn on Christmas tree lights with Twitter

Twitter users anywhere in the world can control the lights on a holiday display in New Jersey

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Internet porn

Thousands arrested for online porn, gambling

More than 30,000 people have been arrested in China’s southern Guangdong province during a two-month crackdown on online gambling and porn

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Cyber Government online security privacy

FPB’s plan for online content regulation in South Africa

The Film and Publication Board says no one is being sidelined and there will be ample opportunity to discuss and change the policy document

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How to avoid an email horror story

When you are writing an email, imagine that it will inevitably one day end up on the Internet for everyone to see

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Stolen bike database

South African online stolen bicycle database launched

The Hub has launched a “Stolen Bike Database” – an initiative to better track thefts, identify stolen bikes and contact the owners of recovered bikes

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Internet websites

Biggest South African websites

The latest Effective Measure statistics reveal which South African websites attract the most visitors

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Google logo

Top South African searches in 2014

Google has released its Year in Search report, which shows the top search terms in South Africa and the world

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Google top search terms

Top Google search trends

Google revealed the hottest search trends of 2014, which is topped by the death of an actor and the World Cup

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Top 10 Facebook places in South Africa

Facebook’s year in review reveals the trending topics and games around the world, and the most popular places in South Africa on the platform for 2014

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No more Bing for Facebook

Facebook has stopped including results from Microsoft’s Bing search engine on its social networking site.

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