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Movie piracy

How much pirates will pay for illegally downloading movies

Nearly 5,000 Internet users are expected to receive letters in the near future asking them some pointed questions about their online downloading habits.

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Pirate flag loading screen (Black Flag site)

Most pirated movies on BitTorrent

Furious 7, Interstellar, and Taken 3 hold onto the top 3 spots in TorrentFreak’s most pirated movies on BitTorrent chart

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We don’t care how cute your baby is, get it off Facebook

A group of Facebook “friends” have had enough of a new mother continually posting photos of her child on the social medial platform.

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Vidi app for Samsung TVs announced

Samsung has announced partnerships with video streaming service Vidi and music streaming service Simfy Africa.

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Robben Island by Stephantom on Wikimedia

Robben Island Google Street View

Google has launched a Maps gallery and virtual tour of Robben Island on Google Maps.

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Google Loch Ness underwater street view

Dive Loch Ness with Google Maps

Google Maps has launched a “street view” of Loch Ness – both the surface and underwater.

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Internet piracy

Is online piracy really stealing?

Legally speaking, what online pirates are doing is a violation of intellectual property rights. But are they doing anything morally wrong?

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Why we like difficult Internet puzzles

It is not surprising – even though many of us did not like school maths – that every so often a logical puzzle or maths problem goes viral.

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Telkom's new brand

Telkom SmartSite launched

Telkom has launched its SmartSite web development packages, offering businesses an easy way to get an online presence.

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Popcorn Time iOS app launch

Netflix for pirates iOS app: MultiChoice responds

MultiChoice has weighed in on Popcorn Time becoming available on non-jailbroken iOS devices.

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