New South African DNS service makes it easy to filter web content

P8DNS gives you the ability to block access to inappropriate websites, with default protection against phishing and malware sites.

By - January 17, 2016 Share on LinkedIn

Gauteng-based P8DNS has launched a cloud-based web filter service, which enables you to prevent connectivity to malicious and unwanted websites.

P8DNS gives you the ability to block access to inappropriate websites through DNS filtering, with default protection against phishing and malware sites.

This gives parents the ability to protect anyone who uses a home network from adult content, phishing, malware, and predator websites.

While there are many other website blocking tools available, P8DNS said it sets itself apart through ease-of-use and affordability.

P8DNS said it provides a home-grown DNS filtering solution, which is up to international standards, with good local support.

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