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Internet Piracy

Piracy vs DStv vs buying a Blu-Ray

We take a look at how much it costs and how long it takes to get a full HD movie through various legal and illegal avenues.

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Google Street View robbery in Johannesburg

Live robbery in Johannesburg caught on Google Street View

An armed robbery in Johannesburg involving an ADT patrol vehicle was caught on Google Street View recently.

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Dark Web

23 outrageous things you can buy on the Dark Web

Guns, drugs, throwing stars, and “AAA replica Ray-Bans” are just some of the items for sale on the Dark Web.

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Netflix Logo

Netflix price hikes planned

Netflix has outlined plans to increase its prices in the coming years.

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Back to the 90s retrospective

90s-era websites with wonderfully bad designs

Java applets and table layouts and framesets, oh my! Here’s a nostalgia bomb for anyone who’s been using the Internet since the 90s.

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Online privacy computer privacy shield

Here is where South Africa’s racists chat online

South Africans are spewing vitriol on a website that is said to be stoking the fires of hate crimes.

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South Africa Internet

The Internet in South Africa: 1991 to 2015

The Internet in South Africa was born 24 years ago when the first IP packets were sent between Rhodes University in Grahamstown and the US at a speed of 14.4kbps. This is what has happened since then.

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The most expensive South African domain names ever

Sex sells, and it is no different in the Internet domain name world. Here are some of the most expensive domain names ever sold in South Africa, and the world.

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I will not pay R10,000 fine: spammer

The internet service provider fined R10 000 by a regulatory body for sending a spam e-mail was unrepentant on Tuesday.

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Spam keyboard

South African spammer hit with R10,000 fine

An internet service provider has been fined R10 000 by a regulatory body for sending spam e-mails to a private individual.

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