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Internet should be a human right: Tim Berners-Lee

The computer scientist credited with inventing the World Wide Web has called for affordable access to the Internet to be recognized as a human right

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Instagram overtakes Twitter

Facebook Inc’s photo-sharing service, Instagram, said it had more than 300 million users, sharing over 70 million photos and videos each day

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Top 10 YouTube videos, channels in South Africa

These were the most popular YouTube videos and channels in South Africa in 2014

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Facebook’s new terms and conditions explained

Facebook says it wants to take with one hand and give with another when it comes to privacy. Consumer advocates are sceptical

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Bots make online fraudsters billions

Almost one-fourth of video ads and 11 percent of display ads are viewed by fake consumers created by cyber crime networks seeking to take a chunk of the billions of dollars spent on digital advertising

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dotCapeTown e-mail addresses causing headaches

Proud owners of new .capetown domains are having some trouble using their e-mail addresses to register for online services

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Censorship lips sealed zip

Online content censorship in South Africa looms

The Film and Publications Board has selectively released a contentious draft policy for original content distributed online in South Africa

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big brother is watching

Big Brother in South Africa

South Africans seem oblivious to the fact that one of their fundamental freedoms is under threat, writes Jane Duncan

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Sony hacker woes not over yet

Employees at Sony Pictures Entertainment received threatening emails on Friday that claimed to be from the group that carried out a massive cyber attack at the Hollywood film studio.

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Top Christmas gifts for 2014

Takealot has revealed its list of the top Christmas gifts for 2014

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