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Top pirated, downloaded movies

This is how the most pirated movies on BitTorrent compare to the legal options

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South Africa Internet

South African Internet Map launched

The South African Internet Map provides an overview of the largest websites in South Africa, based on statistics from Effective Measure

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Michael Jackson makes a comeback on Twitter

Five years after his death, Michael Jackson is back with a new video that breaks new ground by premiering on Twitter

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Russian prime minister’s Twitter account hacked

Hackers took over Dmitry Medvedev’s Twitter account firing off a series of embarrassing tweets to the Russian prime minister’s 2.5 million followers

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UCT Exposed, Exposed

UCT Exposed cyberbully guilty

Disciplinary action has been taken against a person linked to the infamous UCT Exposed blog

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Twitter unveils video ads

Twitter has unveiled a new advertising programme that delivers “promoted videos”

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Net Neutrality

Forget net neutrality: ISPA

Net neutrality is a non-issue in South Africa at the moment, says the Internet Service Providers’ Association

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Wikipedia logo

Britons trust Wikipedia over BBC, newspaper journalists

British people trust Wikipedia more than the mainstream media, the information site’s founder Jimmy Wales has said

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Music pirate piracy

Who are the music pirates and what do they want?

Music piracy is a huge problem, if the music industry is to believed. But so far, very little has been done to stop it, writes Steven Caldwell Brown

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Vodacom Africa

We want to be Africa’s largest ISP: Vodacom

Vodacom said they plan to be Africa’s largest Internet service provider

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