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Anonymous France

Anonymous hackers declare war on ISIS after Paris attacks

Anonymous has declared war on ISIS, following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

Copyright piracy illegal download

BitTorrent use does not equal piracy: ISP

Internet service provider Cox Communications argues that the use of BitTorrent does not equal copyright infringement.

South Africa ISPs

Will South African ADSL ISPs block torrents and piracy websites?

This is what South African ISPs had to say about the prospect of blocking access to piracy sites and torrents.

Demonii logo

Biggest public torrent tracker in the world shuts down for good

Demonii is no more, following the MPAA’s legal action against its operator.

Google logo

Earn 1TB of Google Drive storage as a Local Guide

By working for Google as a Local Guide, you can earn 1TB of Drive storage.

Facebook Notifications

Employers can be held responsible for what you post online at work

Employees need to be told: Using social media during work hours and on work equipment waives any rights to privacy.

Censored net neutrality privacy

Should your Internet browser history remain private?

An overlooked aspect of the draft Investigatory Powers Bill is the significance of demanding that service providers store 12 months’ internet connection records.

Tinder logo

Tinder updates to help users find the perfect match

Tinder is updating its app, with the aim of helping users find the love of their life.

Online porn

Your online porn history with your name leaked online: experts comment

An IT specialist has warned that if you are watching porn online in 2015, you should expect your viewing history to be released and attached to your name.

Alibaba logo outside headquarters

Singles Day online sales hit over R140 billion

Internet giant Alibaba broke its own sales record of $9.3bn during China’s “Singles Day” 24-hour online shopping binge on Wednesday.

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