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Twitter, LinkedIn on the up

LinkedIn maintained its perfect record of pleasant surprises as the online professional networking service expanded its reach during the fourth quarter

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New rules proposed to regulate the Internet

The proposal by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler was a victory for advocates of “net neutrality”

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Twitter faker

News24 says sorry for f-bomb tweet

A profanity-laden tweet issued on News24’s Twitter account on Wednesday, regarding the plane crash in Taiwan, was posted by a staff member

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Vidi gets Sherlock, Atlantis, other BBC shows

Vidi has announced that it will soon offer a number of BBC shows, including Sherlock and Atlantis

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Google gives the Gtalk kill order

Google is sending out messages to users of the Windows Google Talk desktop app that its services will be ending in February

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Internet websites

South Africa’s biggest websites

Effective Measure’s latest statistics reveal which local websites attracted the most visitors during January 2015

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South Africa Internet

Sexual grooming on the Internet in SA

About 31.4 percent of secondary school children surveyed in Gauteng have encountered people who tried to get them to talk online about sex

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Adblock Plus

How websites pay to get past your adblock

Those using Adblock Plus may still get served adverts online, thanks to the company’s financially-swayed filter policies

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Censor cat porn filter (PG-13)

Revenge porn website admin charged

It’s one of the first convictions under a new California law that outlawed revenge porn

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The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is back

The Pirate Bay has risen from the ashes, two months after it was taken down in a police raid

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