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Angry slow Internet

How long it takes to load a web page using a South African Internet connection

Akamai’s latest State of the Internet report shows how South Africa’s Internet page loading times compare to other African countries.

Google logo office

Google RGB to Hex

“Just when you thought Google couldn’t get any more useful, they add a colour converter.”

Yahoo new

Yahoo disables email forwarding

Yahoo has disabled email forwarding following embarrassing revelations about security, and now says “this feature is under development”.

Facebook Workplace

Facebook Workplace launched

Facebook has announced that Workplace is now available to any company or organisation which wants to use it.


Top 10 most pirated movies of the week

TorrentFreak has released its list of the most downloaded movies through BitTorrent over the past week.

Google logo on blackboard

Google’s open-source font supports every Unicode character

Google has announced the launch of the Noto font family.

Africa from space at night

Torrent and explore the galaxy from your browser

A programmer has built a site that lets you explore a 3D map of the galaxy, serving the 24MB file over BitTorrent.

Google Chrome logo on wall

Updated Google Chrome will use less memory

Google’s next update for Chrome – Chrome 55 – will include an upgraded JavaScript engine that reduces the amount of memory the browser consumes.

Largest websites in South Africa on all devices

South African websites with over 1 million browsers

Effective Measure has released its website traffic statistics for September 2016, revealing the largest websites and online publishers in South Africa.

Troll connoisseur harassment internet

Don’t feed the trolls online

Almost half the population of the planet now has access to the internet, with about one in three of those people regularly active on social media.

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