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WhatsApp vs Facebook vs Twitter

The 2015 Student Tech Survey reveals which social networks and messaging platforms are the most popular among students

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Google Maps screenshot

New Google Maps adventure – The Amazon

For its next technological trick, Google will show you what it’s like to zip through trees in the Amazon jungle

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Vidi gets music documentaries

Video on demand platform Vidi has acquired a new range of music documentaries

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Fight terrorism with Twitter

Standing together in hashtag movements on social media is the right antidote to terrorism, argues Donovan White

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Email is a problem, and Google is okay with that

Despite the rise of social networks and messaging apps, email continues to be the dominant mode of written electronic communication

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Black and blue or white and gold?

A simple image uploaded to Tumblr has caused the Internet to erupt into chaos

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Facebook screens

Facebook faces lawsuit over terms of service

German consumer groups said Thursday they will file a lawsuit against Facebook unless the social network changes its terms of service

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Net neutrality approved, ISP lawsuits to follow

The Federal Communications Commission has agreed to impose strict new regulations on Internet service providers

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Making the Internet a public utility

US communications regulators were expected to vote Thursday for rules that would categorize the Internet as a public utility

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Porn watching

Google, Reddit to ban nude photos and video

Reddit and Google are taking a tougher stance against nudity to prevent their services from turning into online peep shows

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