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Internet piracy

MPAA shuts torrent services, goes after online pirates

The Motion Picture Association of America’s legal action is behind the shutdown of piracy sites YTS and Popcorn Time.


Twitter kills Favourites for Likes

The star is dead, long live hearts.

Facebook Notifications

How to delete all the search data Facebook has on you

Facebook tracks what its users do, including who and what they’ve searched for on the platform.

Internet piracy

What happened to all the top piracy sites?

Online piracy services have been making news headlines recently, following the shutdown of movie torrent site YTS.

Twitch.TV logo

Arch Linux install on Twitch gets hijacked by Gentoo botnet

Using a system to let viewers vote on which character to type next, a group planned to install Arch Linux.


Amazon Black Friday deals store launched

Amazon has launched a promotion that will count down the days to the massive annual shopping event.

Biggest Websites

Top 20 South African websites list released

Effective Measure has released its statistics for October 2015, revealing the biggest websites in South Africa.

Tor logo

Tor Messenger – secure chat

A beta version of Tor Messenger has been released, offering a secure chat platform by sending traffic over Tor.

Facebook Web

Facebook Slideshow low-bandwidth visual ad launched

A new kind of advertisement meant to stand in for video ads on slow connections is now available on Facebook.

Computer internet censorship

Punish students for what they say online

A coalition of advocacy groups in the United States wants colleges to block certain websites and punish students for what they say online.

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