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Google Project Loon over mountains

Google’s Project Loon flies over SA

Google’s balloons have been flying over South Africa as part of Project Loon.

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A Google logo is seen at the garage where the company was founded on Google's 15th anniversary in Menlo Park, California

Google faces EU charges

US Internet giant Google will face formal charges if it fails to improve its proposals to the European Union to resolve anti-trust complaints over its search engine

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China Hack

China blocks DuckDuckGo

China has begun blocking the privacy-protecting search engine DuckDuckGo, which avoids storing user data or tracking online activity

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Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

Facebook planning new advertising model

Facebook Inc is set to unveil a new advertising platform to improve effectiveness of online ads

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spy data espionage crime

Become a spy, online

Israel’s secretive overseas spy agency, the Mossad, launched a new website Monday to recruit potential spooks

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South Africa keyboard

What South Africans do on the Internet

The latest Effective Measure statistics reveal what South Africans do on the Internet, and what they buy online

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Google logo

Five great Google features you’re probably not using

Google does more than search and e-mail, if you know where to look

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South Africa Internet

Internet revolution set to hit South Africa

South Africa’s entertainment and media sector is set to grow at a 10.2% compound annual rate between 2014 and 2018

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Internet porn

China shuts down 1.8 million porn accounts

China has closed nearly 1.8 million social networking and instant messaging accounts since April in a crackdown on prostitution and pornography, state media reported Saturday.

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South Africa keyboard

South African Internet users: age, gender, and race

The latest Effective Measure statistics reveal what South Africa’s Internet population looks like

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