Windows 8 preview now available

Microsoft have released a Windows 8 preview for free download

June 1, 2012

Microsoft has announced the availability of the Windows 8 release preview, a near-final build of the company’s next operating system.

The release is offered in 14 different languages, and includes Internet Explorer 10, Adobe Flash support and new Windows 8 applications for connecting to Hotmail, SkyDrive and Messenger.

“Since our first preview release last September, millions of people now use the pre-release product on a daily basis and millions more have been taking it through its paces, totalling hundreds of millions of hours of testing,” said the company on its Windows 8 blog.

“We genuinely appreciate the effort that so many have put into pre-release testing, and of course, we appreciate the feedback too. Direct feedback and feedback through usage contributed to hundreds of visible changes in the product and tens of thousands of under-the-hood changes.”

Windows 8 is expected to launch in October 2012, and will support x86, x64 and ARM based processors.

Read the full story at: Boy Genius Report.

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