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Hacking data hacker

Hackers target European governments: researchers

Hackers targeted dozens of computer systems at government agencies across Europe in a series of attacks that exploited a recently discovered security flaw in Adobe software

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R1.9-billion for SKA telescopes

The Square Kilometre Array and MeerKAT radio telescope projects have been allocated R1.9 billion over the next three years

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SABC could be restructured

State-owned enterprises that are bleeding money could see some restructuring ahead

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Google plus logo

Google+ plans to track users

Google will begin encouraging websites and mobile apps to accept log-in credentials via Google+, its social network.

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Office 365 Microsoft

No sign of Microsoft Office for iPad

Microsoft side-steps questions on plans to bring its Office suite of applications to Apple’s iPad.

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Apple to settle lawsuit on app purchases by kids

Apple has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit that said customers were charged when their children inadvertently downloaded certain applications

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Internet Explorer logo

Internet Explorer 10 released to Windows 7 users

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 10 to millions of new users hoping the latest version of its browser will win back customers

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HP webOS sold to LG Electronics

HP will sell its webOS smartphone operating system to LG Electronics

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Wello logo

Fitness app connects users to personal trainers

Wello, an app that connects users with personal trainers for video-based workouts, has launched group classes for a range of activities

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Eskom logo

Electricity price hike decision coming

A decision on Eskom’s proposed new electricity prices will be announced on Thursday

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