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Cookoo smart watch review

Cookoo smart watch review

Timeless time-piece, or witless wrist watch?

| Forum debate

UG 802 Android PC

UG 802 Android home theatre PC review

A home theatre PC that fits in your hand – but does it pack enough power?

| Forum debate

iPhone 5 hero shot header

iPhone 5 review

In its sixth generation, does the iPhone have what it takes to maintain the top spot?

| Forum debate

Belkin Play N600 DB ADSL router

Belkin Play N600 DB ADSL router review

The Belkin Play N600 DB ADSL router boasts slick presentation and extra features – but at what cost?

| Forum debate

Nokia Lumia 920 header

Nokia Lumia 920 review

Nokia may not have the signature Windows Phone 8 device, but they aren’t crying in the corner

| Forum debate

iPad Mini

iPad Mini review

Was it an attempted bait-and-switch? Or perhaps they genuinely missed something, but don’t want to fully admit it? Or is the iPad Mini in a class of its own? Read on to find out.

| Forum debate

Beats by Dre Studio headphones headline

Beats Studio headphones review

The box of the Beats Studio headphones send a clear message: a big, quality box for big, quality sound

| Forum debate

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ends up being a great big salad of good and bad things

| Forum debate

Windows Phone 8X

Windows Phone 8X by HTC review

Windows Phone is starting to look promising and HTC have built a great high-end signature device for the latest version

| Forum debate

AMD Trinity A-Series APU

AMD Trinity A-Series APU review

AMD has launched their latest CPU/GPU combo chipset. We put it through it’s paces

| Forum debate

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