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Password Hacking

Worst online passwords in the world

Make sure you are not using one of these commonly-used passwords online

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Swiss banker guilty of leaking secrets to WikiLeaks

A former private banker has been found guilty in Switzerland of breaking the country’s strict secrecy laws

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Big brother spy surveillance

We need more government surveillance: Merkel

Chancellor Angela Merkel backed Thursday more data surveillance by all European Union nations to fight terrorism

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Twitter faker

IS hacks US Central Command accounts

The Twitter and YouTube accounts of US Central Command were hacked on Monday, the Pentagon said

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Hacker coder developer software programmer alphanumeric matrix

Hackers draw cartoon boobs on Crayola page

Crayola is apologizing after hackers filled its Facebook page with off-color content

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hacker cyber crime silhouette

U.S. not superior in cyberwarfare

Gen. Martin Dempsey says the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment demonstrates the military superiority enjoyed by the United States doesn’t necessarily carry over to the cyberworld

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They destroyed everything: Sony Pictures CEO

Days before Thanksgiving, Sony Pictures employees had logged onto computers that flashed a grim message from a hacker group calling itself Guardians of Peace

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Hacker spyware virus

Sloppy hackers leave trail of crumbs

The director of the FBI said Wednesday the agency is confident in its assertion that North Korea was responsible for a hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment

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Hacker data

Islamic State-linked group hacks news website, Twitter feed

Hackers claiming allegiance to the Islamic State group hijacked the website and Twitter feed of a news station, and the Twitter feed of a newspaper

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A man looks at his Apple iPad in front an Apple logo outside an Apple store in downtown Shanghai

Keep your Apple recovery key safe… or else

Recent steps have made it much harder for outsiders to gain access to data locked away by a person’s Apple ID

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