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Android glowing in crowd

Google must make Android safer – our data is at risk

Whenever I meet someone with an Android device, the first question I ask them is if they have any anti-malware installed, writes Andrew Smith

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Hacker matrix code program cyber-criminal

Ready, aim, click

If World War III promises to be digital, we must be as prepared as we can be, writes Bela Bonita Chatterjee

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Facebook screens

How much do we really know about privacy on Facebook?

How far are we willing to allow our privacy to be pushed for our social connections?

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Information security privacy password hacking crypto

FBI investigating bank hacks

Investigators were digging Thursday to find who initiated and what was taken in an apparent intense hacker effort this month to penetrate the systems of US banks

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hacker cyber crime silhouette

FBI investigating cyber attacks on banks

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation said it is investigating media reports that several U.S. financial firms have been victims of recent cyber attacks

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hacker cyber crime silhouette

FBI warns of hackers targeting healthcare industry

The FBI has warned that healthcare industry companies are being targeted by hackers, publicizing the issue following an attack on U.S. hospital group Community Health Systems Inc

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Julian Assange

Julian Assange to leave embassy hideout

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he will be leaving the Ecuadorean Embassy in London soon – but did not say when or explain his decision

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Government security

Government investment company website hacked

The website of the Public Investment Corporation was hacked over the weekend

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FBI emblem

FBI cybersquad gets reinforcements

The FBI’s premier cybersquad has focused attention on computer-based crime in recent months by helping prosecutors charge five Chinese army intelligence officials with stealing trade secrets

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Copyright hex code

Digital copyright protection – some success, but mostly failure

There’s been a bit of talk recently about getting internet service providers (ISPs) involved in the enforcement of copyright law, writes Nicholas Sheppard

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