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Don’t click on that Valentine’s email

Normal Internet users may be the unintentional insiders who enable cyber attacks to spread

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Adware or Malware – what is Lenovo pushing?

While some software such as virus scanners can be useful, Lenovo has discovered just how badly it can backfire when including insufficiently tested – or just plain malicious – software

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Samsung logo on backplate

Samsung – in breach of its own privacy policy?

After news emerged that Samsung’s smart TV has the ability to record personal conversations, the company quickly amended its privacy policy. But are these changes legal in South Africa?

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Hacker data

How techies, hackers swiped SA tax money

A document leaked as part of Al Jazeera and The Guardian’s “Spy Cables” reveals how techies and hackers defrauded or attempted to defraud the SA government

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SIM card white-labelled

SIM spying was a hacking operation

A Dutch SIM-maker allegedly targeted by British and U.S. spying agencies says it believes there was a hacking operation

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Hacker spyware virus

SA government PCs spied on

A leaked document reveals that the National Intelligence Agency found spyware on all the personal computers it sampled from certain government departments

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spy data espionage crime

SA spies can’t keep their own secrets safe

Flaws and security lapses within South Africa’s government and intelligence services have left secrets exposed to foreign spies at every level

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Hacker matrix code program cyber-criminal

Mossad spies threatened cyber attack on SA

Former “Mossad spies” threatened a cyber attack on South Africa demanding an end to the Boycott Israel campaign

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A cyber security analyst works in a watch and warning center at a Department of Homeland Security cyber security defense lab at the Idaho National Laboratory

R34 million reward for hacker

The U.S. government has announced a $3 million reward for information leading to the arrest of a man American authorities call one of the world’s most prolific cyber hackers

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signal jamming

Signal jamming probe tabled

A motion for a full parliamentary probe into the role of security services in the removal of EFF MPs from Parliament on February 12, and the jamming of the cellphone signal, was tabled in the National Assembly

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