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Flash responsible for most of the top vulnerabilities used by exploit kits

A Recorded Future analysis shows that Flash Player and Microsoft products continue to provide the primary avenue of access for criminal exploit kits.

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US and UK spies intercepting calls and data transfers from aircraft

American and British spy agencies have been intercepting phone calls and data communication from aircraft.

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Sysadmin sabotages ISP, gets 2 years in prison

A disgruntled sysadmin has been sentenced to two years in prison after sabotaging the ISP he worked for.


Six seconds to hack a credit card

New research reveals the ease with which criminals can hack a bank account without any of the card details.


New DDoS attack reaches over 400Gbps and 200 million pps

Cloudflare has detected a new DDoS botnet which attacked targets with traffic peaking at over 400Gbps and 200 million packets per second.

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Resisting censorship of cyberspace

“We need to take the internet back, not as liberals responding to these attacks, but as citizens of every creed demanding that cyberspace not be censored.”

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Huge Avalanche botnet taken down

Global authorities have dismantled an international criminal infrastructure platform known as Avalanche.

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The threat to online privacy

In a news cycle still fixated on the US election result, on November 15 members of the UK’s upper house of parliament gave final approval to the country’s most invasive surveillance legislation to date.

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Hacker who hit San Francisco rail systems gets hacked back

The hacker who tried to hold San Francisco’s Muni rail system to ransom has been hacked.

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UK passes controversial surveillance bill

The Investigatory Powers Bill has become an Act in the UK’s Parliament.

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