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Internet piracy

This is when SA’s ISPs hand over the private information of pirates

We look at whether Internet service providers in South Africa have ever handed over subscriber information because of a copyright infringement investigation.

Facebook Web

Beware of the “most used words” Facebook quiz

An online quiz that shows the words you use the most on Facebook is a “privacy nightmare”.

Anonymous France

Anonymous hackers failing in their war on ISIS

Claims made by the #OpParis Twitter account have been called into question.


Why WhatsApp must be regulated in South Africa

Services like WhatsApp must comply with the same regulations that apply to other communications service providers, Vodacom and Orange Horizons have argued.


Cape Town man robbed of R900,000 after hackers breach estate agent email account

A Cape Town man had his retirement savings stolen after hackers gained access to an estate agent’s email account.

Credit card crime

How South Africa is fighting cyber crime

Last year South Africa had the most cyber attacks of any country on the continent.

Anonymous France

Why Anonymous hackers taking on ISIS is a bad idea

It’s been a week since the terrorist attacks in Paris and the hacktivist group Anonymous has further expanded its online confrontation with the Islamic State.


SA banks are not doing enough to stop debit order scams

Innocent victims whose money has been disappearing from their bank accounts through mystery debit orders feel banks are not doing enough to safeguard their hard-earned cash.


Your ID number and banking details are sold to scammers for R5

Your name and surname, ID number, and banking details can be bought for as little as R5, giving criminals all they need to target your bank account.

Tor logo

We did not hack Tor for money: Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University said it did not help the FBI find the identities of Tor users for a large payout.

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