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Identity Theft Scam hack

Trust in government departments, private companies leads to identity theft

The trust South Africans place in state and private institutions may make people more vulnerable to identity theft, says a local expert.

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Android glowing in crowd

Your Android smartphone can be hacked with one message

An Android vulnerability makes it possible for an attacker to hijack your phone and steal your information by sending you a simple message.

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Steam glowing logo only

This is how easy it was to hack Steam

News recently emerged that it was possible for anyone to reset the passwords of Steam accounts – this is how it was done.

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Car jamming warning

Watch real-life car remote jamming criminals in action

After preventing targets from locking their cars, criminals break into vehicles and make off with valuables without anyone noticing what has happened.

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The rise of hackers who want to take down cheating spouses

The Ashley Madison hackers, calling themselves Impact Team, seem to have a moral agenda, adding another dimension to the factors that motivate cybercriminals.

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iPad mini 3

“Find my iPad” tracks down 5 robbers

Five robbers, including one woman, did not count on “find my iPad” helping police track them down with their loot spread around them on Saturday.

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Hidden face

This is how easy it is for criminals to steal your identity

Cyber crooks don’t need to hack your computer or cellphone to steal an identity; they can simply trawl cemeteries for a target ID, says a security expert.

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Car remote

Watch how easy it is for criminals to jam your car remote

It is exceptionally easy for criminals to block your car remote and prevent you from locking your vehicle.

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Jeep Cherokee

Hackers can remotely hijack the Jeep Cherokee

Security researchers have demonstrated how to remotely control functions of a Jeep Cherokee.

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175,000 cheating South Africans may be exposed in Ashley Madison hack

Around 175,000 South African men and women cheating on their partners through Ashley Madison may have their details exposed.

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