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Gauteng shopping malls hit by bomb threats and robbery

Two bomb threats have disrupted the Crowthorne Shopping Centre and Fourways Mall, while a Telkom store robbery at the Rosebank Mall saw people running for their safety.

United states

CIA preparing for possible cyberattack on Russia

The United States is planning a possible cyberattack against Russia in retaliation for its interference in the American presidential election.

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South African online shops on credit card skimming list

Hackers have installed credit card skimming scripts on thousands of online stores, including numerous South African stores.


Android devices with Foxconn firmware have secret backdoor: Report

Certain Android devices which contain firmware created by Foxconn may be vulnerable via a debugging feature left inside the OS bootloader, according to a report by Softpedia.

Hacker attack malware virus

StrongPity malware targets WinRAR and TrueCrypt users

StrongPity malware includes components that give attackers complete control of a victim’s system.

Hacker attack malware virus

Hacked by your fridge

The past few weeks have seen a remarkable and somewhat alarming development in cyber security.


US accuses Russia of political cyber attacks

The US government has formally accused Russia of conducting cyber attacks against American political organisations.


Hackers who did business with Lizard Squad arrested

Two 19 year-old men have been charged with running hacking-for-hire services online.

Hacker attack malware virus

A look inside the 620Gbps DDoS attack

Akamai successfully defended against a DDoS attack exceeding 620Gbps, nearly double that of the previous peak attack on its platform.

Point of sale card skimming

Cape restaurant cashier card skims customers

Several customers who reported substantial financial losses after visiting the same restaurant led to a cashier’s arrest in Hopefield on Thursday, the Western Cape Hawks said.

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