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Windows 10 Anniversary update – the new features

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be available from 2 August 2016 – here’s what to expect.


You’ve been using emoji the wrong way

Are you sending friends hugging hands instead of a double high five? Or has the Japanese ogre Namahage crept into your messages instead?

Apple iPad user

Apple is moving towards a world with no PCs

Hands up if you’ve heard of Swift Playgrounds? No, it’s not some new start-up providing quick playdates for bedraggled parents.

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10 settings in Windows 10 you should disable

If you have installed Windows 10, there are a few default privacy settings you’ll want to change.


Simple graph shows why Flash should die

Most Internet users are familiar with Flash crashing their browser – Mozilla has now shown the impact of Flash on browser plugin crashes.


Firefox will soon turn Flash off by default

In 2017, Firefox will require click-to-activate approval from users before a website activates the Flash plugin.

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Windows 10 collects excessive personal data

France’s National Data Protection Commission has ordered Microsoft to comply with the French Data Protection Act within three months.

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Plex media streaming app rewritten for Windows 10

Plex has launched its Universal Windows Platform app for Windows 10.

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Opera browser sold for $600 million

Opera has sold its browser business, privacy and performance apps, its tech licensing, and its name to a Chinese consortium.


The smartphone app that will help you stop drinking

There might be a way to tackle the problems related to the over-consumption of alcohol that doesn’t require large-scale government intervention.

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