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Red Panda Firefox

Firefox drops Google for Yahoo

Mozilla has announced that it has dropped Google as the default search engine for Firefox in a number of territories

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MIcrosoft new logo

Microsoft .NET goes open source, cross-platform

Microsoft announced that it has taken .NET open source and cross-platform, in addition to a number of changes to its Visual Studio development environment

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Office 2013

Free Microsoft Office editing on iOS, Android

Microsoft announced Thursday it was making its Office software suite available for free to users of rival mobile operating systems from Apple and Google

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BlackBerry Passport back

BlackBerry wants you back

BlackBerry Ltd Chief Executive John Chen penned an open letter to current and former BlackBerry users on Wednesday in a push to create some buzz for the company’s new BlackBerry Classic device

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Skype launches video message app

Microsoft-owned Skype on Tuesday unveiled a new app enabling users to send short video messages to stay “connected between calls”

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella speaks at a Microsoft event in San Francisco, California March 27, 2014. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

Microsoft CEO draws fire for careless female pay comments

Microsoft Corp’s chief executive officer suggested on Thursday that women in technology should not ask for raises but have faith in the “system”, bringing a torrent of criticism and causing the executive to backtrack after the statement.

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Facebook Whatsapp

Facebook’s stance on users paying to use WhatsApp

Facebook’s final WhatsApp acquisition price tag has risen an additional $3 billion to roughly $22 billion because of the increased value of Facebook’s stock in recent months

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Google logo

Google to launch WhatsApp competitor: report

Software giant Google Inc plans to launch a mobile messaging app it is likely to test in India and other emerging markets, the Economic Times newspaper reported on Friday

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Windows logo

Windows 10 announced

Microsoft has announced the new version of Windows, skipping version 9 and going straight to Windows 10

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Facebook Instagram

Instagram blocked amid protests

Instagram, the popular photo-sharing service owned by Facebook Inc, has been blocked in China, according to numerous reports

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