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HTML5 under the scrutiny of European Security Agency

The European Security Agency has issued a warning that standards under development as part of HTML5 may neglect important security issues.


Google Maps Navigation for Android in SA

Google has announced Navigation for Google Maps is available in South Africa.

Internet Browsers

Web browsers and IQ

A recent study investigated the link between IQ and browser usage. Which browser’s users have the highest average IQ? [Please note that this was a hoax]


Hurd mentality

It’s taken more than 25 years to develop but the Hurd operating system may soon be released.

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

BBM 6 launched

Research In Motion (RIM) today announced the availability of BlackBerry Messenger version 6 (BBM 6)

Data spark background

Software development – what you don’t know

Are major corporations such as Microsoft putting third party developers out of business?


Security threat statistics: Symantec July 2011 Intelligence Report

Symantec’s Intelligence report shows that malware variants are on the rise, and mobile phone users are increasingly targeted.

Mozilla Foundation logo

Mozilla plans to develop Mobile OS

Mozilla has announced a new project called Boot to Gecko, aimed at developing a mobile OS with standard web technologies.


Software giant SAP aims at top end of business outlook

The world’s leading business software maker SAP said it aims to reach the top end of its revenue and profit forecasts for this year amid strong IT demand from companies.


Firefox Mobile 7 already shaping up

Better memory management and easier copy and paste among new features.

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