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Apple to publish guidelines for app approval

Apple says it will publish the guidelines its uses to determine which programs can be sold in its App Store.

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UbuntuOne gets better

Cloud storage services offers Ubuntu users an ever increasing range of features

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Windows 7 overtakes Vista

StatCounter recently said that Windows 7 has overtaken Vista in total market share

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Google Chrome gets GPU power

Hardware acceleration adds firepower to Google's browser

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H.264 forever royalty free for Internet video

The MPEG LA announced that H.264 would be royalty for Internet video forever

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Android tablets flowing

Tablet fans will be spoilt for choice with a flood of Android tablet PCs heading their way

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Internet Explorer 6: A pre-emptive funeral

On the anniversary of the initial release of IE6, we think of the browser that can reduce even seasoned web developers to tears and how it still refuses to go gentle into that good night

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New worm spreads through almost all instant messengers

Kaspersky Lab announced the detection of a new family of computer worms that are spreading via numerous instant messaging clients, from Windows Live to Xfire

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Another OS for tablet PCs

Android, Windows 7, iOS, Chrome. Now HP adds WebOS as tablet platform.

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Cracks in computer defenses abound: IBM

IBM on Wednesday reported that the number of discovered cracks that hackers could exploit in computer software surged in the first half of the year.

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