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Ladies of Linux

Ubuntu everywhere

Never shy with his ambitions, Mark Shuttleworth still has his sights set on world domination.

windows logo

Windows apps get SkyDrive access to store docs, photos

Apps on Windows 8 and Windows Phone OS will have to ability to store documents and photos on SkyDrive

Linux - Tux on blocks

December Linux fun

We look at the latest big Linux releases and a few coming up in the months ahead.

FF IE Chrome

Google Chrome versus Firefox

Google’s Chrome Web browser is gaining ground on Firefox


Apple says Siri abortion silence a bug

Siri artificial intelligence software that has been a hit in the latest iPhone model was taking hits on Thursday

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Microsoft Office 365 trials in SA

Office 365 combines Office, SharePoint, Exchange and Lync in a cloud service

Linux Mint

Mint solves Ubuntu Unity challenge

Fans of Ubuntu Unity are few and far between. Linux Mint provides a simple alternative.

Ubuntu Pangolin

Ubuntu’s Pangolin polish

The April release of Ubuntu is all about quality.


HTML5 no mobile holy grail

HTML5 won’t solve the fragmentation problems presented by developing native apps for mobile platforms, argues VMT CEO Wilter du Toit

Jonny Depp fleeing angry mob

Music piracy in SA may lead to bloodbath: CWUSA

“Shoot the pirate” campaign is an emotional response to seemingly ignored problems

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